Spilt Scentsy Wax?

For me, my main love for Scentsy is the safety aspect.  I know there is no naked flame to cause a fire and my little girl cannot burn herself on the wax as it only reaches just above body temperature.  So the worst that can happen, is that the wax could get knocked onto the carpet.  So, should this happen, what do you do?  Follow these easy steps:-

1.   Leave the wax to dry and try to pick as much off as possible.

2.   Grab your iron and switch it to its lowest setting as the Scentsy wax melts at a low temperature
(with the steam setting on “off”)

3.  Place a few sheets of plain kitchen roll onto the spill.

4.  Put the hot iron onto the kitchen roll and wait for the wax to melt and soak into the kitchen roll
(please don’t hold the iron on the carpet so as to cause damage).

5.  If you have spilt a coloured wax, the dye may leave a stain, if it does, a carpet stain remover
should remove the remaining stain from the carpet.
How To Remove Scentsy Wax From Your Carpet.

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