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DC Comics - Batman™

DC Comics Batman™ Now Available

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion Now Available

Celebrate Christmas with Disney!

Christmas with Disney Tree Warmer & Wax Bar

Perfect Scentsy - 2 x £36 Warmers & 6 Bars Multi-pack

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Disney Villains: All the Rage – Scentsy Warmer Gif Animation

Disney Villains

Zero Scentsy Buddy

Zero Scentsy Buddy

Hero Up!

Icicles & Evergreen Scentsy Bar

Icicles & Evergreen

Scent Of The Month

Enjoy 10% OFF our selected monthly fragrance.
This month Scents is:- Icicles & Evergreen Scentsy Bar – Cool blue eucalyptus and pine needle iced with crystalized sugar.

Scentsy Club


Scentsy Club

Scentsy Club is the best way to buy Scentsy in the UK, with the 10% OFF all orders over £36 all year round and subscriptions you can pause or cancel. Many other perks are available like half-price items and the amazing Always Get My Bar.

Scentsy UK Whiff Box


Whiff Box

Want a fresh assortment of products to explore on the regular? We make it easy! Each month, we put together a Whiff Box filled with new, trending and seasonal products for you to discover. And what’s inside is always a surprise!