Celebrate 30 years of Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Scentsy Warmer & Wax 2023

This collection is currently not available but I’m sure it will be back in the new year

Fans of Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas have loved this classic film for 30 years. We’re commemorating this anniversary with a limited-edition warmer bundle, and it’s headed your way on Friday the 13th!

The bundle includes a special-edition Scentsy Brick in our popular The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack’s Obsession fragrance and the new Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: 30th Anniversary – Scentsy Warmer.

Each limited-edition warmer is numbered to be a collector’s dream — or perhaps a wonderful nightmare! The hand-painted design honours Disney’s Jack Skellington and Sally’s love story, and the 30th anniversary logo is featured in the wax dish.

These products are only available in the bundle and will not be sold separately. Scentsy Bars added to Scentsy Club subscriptions will feature four collectable labels shipped at random.

Please also note there is some assembly required for this warmer, and customers should be careful not to discard the metal flowers with the packaging.

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Scentsy Club: Always Get My Bar

Harvest Collection Scentsy Bars, including The Nightmare Before Christmas fragrances, can be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions within 30 days after launch, or as long as the fragrances are available beyond that date.*

*See the Scentsy Club FAQ for more details.

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