Scentsy Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get asked as a Scentsy Consultant in the UK. If you have any other questions please contact me on either telephone 0800 772 0656 or email

If you have a question regarding becoming a Scentsy Consultant or how to buy Scentsy in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and many more. Please Contact me Here

A. Scentsy sell flame-free electric scented wax warmers, a safe alternative to the traditional candle. We also have a great range of beautiful fragranced wax bars to use in your Scentsy warmer. Alongside our fantastic home fragrancing system, we have a fantastic range of scented soft toys called Scentsy Buddies, so all the family can enjoy Scentsy. With each adorable buddy you have the choice of some gorgeous Scent Paks to pop inside your buddy. These Scentsy Scent Paks are also fantastic for fragrancing your car, laundry cupboards etc. We also have Scentsy Diffusers, a huge selection of Scentys Disney Products, plus our home cleaning and body care products ranges.

You can only buy Scentsy through any Independent Scentsy Consultant – Scentsy is not available on the High Street.

You can buy Scentsy online or through our Facebook page, by emailing us at or by telephoning 0800 772 0656.

If you order directly through our website you can pay via debit/credit card. If you contact us via our Facebook page, email or telephone then we are able to offer you additional payment methods via Paypal or bank transfer. If you place your order via Facebook, email or telephone, we are also able to offer you local postal rates.

Our warmers are designed by Scentsy and manufactured in facilities in China to Scentsy specifications, each warmer is made of high-quality ceramic or porcelain. China is one of the best in the world at ceramic manufacturing. The video, Rocks to Warmers, provides detailed information on the manufacturing process.

Yes Scentsy offer a lifetime guarantee on all their warmers & diffusers against manufacturer defects, so this gives you fantastic peace of mind.

Scentsy Bars are made with a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend because of their ability to hold the most fragrance oil. It also has a low melting point, which means it doesn’t take much heat to release its fragrance, and it remains firm when not exposed to heat

Although vegetable or soy-based waxes can produce a quality wicked candle, they do not produce a quality wickless candle.?To make a quality wickless candle, Scentsy uses a custom paraffin wax blend for it its superior scent loading capability to provide the best customer experience possible.?Because the wax is warmed not burned as in the case of a traditional candle combustion process no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air. With Scentsy, there is no flame, no smoke, no soot and no lead.

Scentsy uses a simple system. Simply plug in your Scentsy warmer, break off one or two cubes from your Scentsy bar and place them in the dish on to the top of the warmer and then…..enjoy! Read more here

As our wax is only warmed and not burned, the wax will not evaporate, instead the fragrance will simply disappear. A cube will last approx. up to 10 hours

If the fragrance has disappeared, the easiest way to change the wax is to pop a cotton wool ball into the melted wax, allow it to soak up and then use a piece of kitchen roll to wipe away any residue. Our wax is 100% biodegradable.

If your wax still has fragrance remaining, but you want to use a different bar, you can simply pour the warmed wax back into the pack for it to reset.

As long as you like! I turn mine on in the morning and leave it on all day and turn it off before I go to bed.

Each bar will last between 60 to 80 hours (8 cubes per bar) depending on a variety of factors, including the size of room, room temperature, how many squares are used at a time and even your body’s unique reaction to smell. This is the same length of time as a medium sized candle jar, but the fantastic thing about Scentsy is that there is no wasted wax!

The wax temperature is very low, just above body temperature although we recommend moving it away from small children.

You can but we strongly advise against using other types of wax in your Scentsy Warmer. Our special paraffin wax is lightweight and created to melt at a low temperature. You may find that other waxes won’t even begin to melt in your Scentsy warmer due to our waxes low melting point. Many other waxes on the market need a burning temperature for the wax to melt.

Scentsy launch new catalogues twice a year. The Spring/Summer catalogue is released in February and the Autumn/Winter catalogue is released in August. There is also an additional supplementary catalogue for our Halloween and Christmas ranges. We also have a lot of limited edition items and collections released throughout the year.

Scentsy discontinues some products twice a year when they launch their new catalogues. Products are discontinued to make room for new ones and to take into account the season. If there is a wax bar that you can’t live without and want it all year round, you can create a Scentsy Club account where your favourite fragrances will continue to be made just for you.

Once an item is discontinued there is the possibility that you will still be able to purchase it from our sale section at a discounted price. If you are unable to find it there, please email me and I will do my best to help you.

Joining Scentsy couldn’t be easier! To join my Scentsy team simply click on this link Once you have joined I look forward to welcoming you to the team!

At the moment you can join my Scentsy Team if you live in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Scentsy Fast Facts

About Scentsy

Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

The Scentsy Diffuser instantly fills the air with world-class fragrant all-natural and essential oils, while Scentsy’s flagship product line of scented, wax Scentsy Bars heated in handcrafted warmers provides a safe, personalized alternative to traditional candles.

Additional product lines include on-the-go fragrances, laundry care, inventive cleaning solutions and luxurious personal care products for women, men and kids — all infused with exclusive Scentsy fragrance. Scentsy products are sold through a network of Independent Consultants running home-based businesses throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Company Facts

  • Founded in 2004
  • Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, USA
  • Distribution sites in Meridian, Idaho, USA; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Coppell, Texas, USA; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; and Warsaw, Poland
  • Wax manufactured in Meridian, Idaho, USA
  • Operating in the United States and its territories, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, with sales-only operations in Italy, Poland and Luxembourg
  • Privately held, owned and operated by Orville and Heidi Thompson
  • First location was a 40-foot ocean container on a small Idaho sheep farm
  • Company employees: 1,000+
  • Method of sales/distribution: Direct sales, party plan
  • Independent Consultants (distributors): 1 million worldwide and growing fast

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