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Scentsy UK Warmers Wax Bars
Warmers + Wax

Our flame-free electric wax warmers deliver beautiful soot and smoke free fragrances to your home. Our most popular fragrance system offers a huge selection of warmers and wax fragrances to choose from.

Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy Wax Bars
Bulbs & Accessories

Scentsy UK Diffusers & Oils
Diffusers + Oil

Instant fragrance is delivered with our diffusers where you can enjoy immediate, all-natural scents, as well as a complete personal experience with adjustable colour, light and fragrance strength.

Premium Scentsy Diffusers
Deluxe Scentsy Diffusers
Scentsy Oils

Scentsy UK Fan Diffusers Pods
Fan Diffusers + Pods

Whether you are looking for Scentsy fragrance on the go or a fragrance system that is perfect for those high traffic areas, our systems are designed to enliven any small space with our signature scents.

Scentsy Go
Wall Fan Scentsy Diffusers
Scentsy Pods

Scentsy Sale

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Shop Scentsy Sale
Heart to Heart Warmer - Stylized

Charitable Cause

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December 2023 Scent and Warmer of the Month

available at a discount for this month only.

Scent & Warmer Of The Month

This December 2023 We have the Frosted Night Scentsy Warmer & Meet at the Mistletoe Scentsy Bar: Serene mistletoe and subtle cherry rendezvous amid the coolness of a refreshing forest. Both are 10% OFF

Scent & Warmer Of The Month
Scentsy Club


Scentsy Club

Scentsy Club is the best way to buy Scentsy in the UK, with 10% OFF all orders over £36 all year round and subscriptions you can pause or cancel. Other perks are available like half-price items and the amazing Always Get My Bar.

Scentsy Club
Scentsy UK Whiff Box


Scentsy Whiff Box

Want a fresh assortment of products to explore on the regular? We make it easy! Each month, we put together a Whiff Box filled with new, trending and seasonal products for you to discover. And what’s inside is always a surprise!

Scentsy Whiff Box