Rebecca Joyce & Stuart Joyce - Scentsy UK Superstar Directors

Our Scentsy Story – Rebecca & Stuart Joyce

We are Becky & Stuart Joyce, also pictured above are our two daughters Emily & Bethany.  We joined Scentsy in October 2011.

I was a Legal Secretary and thought I craved the corporate lifestyle until 2008 when our first daughter was born. My employer did not allow me to go back to work part-time, so I ended up working as a Care Assistant which I should not have been doing as I have a spinal condition.

In 2011 I gave birth to our baby boy at 19 weeks old, his name was Matthew. He was born sleeping. I hit rock bottom and needed something to cling to and focus on.

I found Scentsy online in a work from home forum; I loved the idea of selling a product I knew I could be passionate about.

Scentsy has allowed us to grow a sustainable business where both myself and my husband both work it full-time from home. We love supporting other people in creating their own businesses to achieve their goals.

Our team is called “Written In The Stars” and this is Matthew’s legacy to us. Something so incredible has come from something so tragic. Without Matthew, I wouldn’t have found Scentsy.

Both I and Stuart now work our Scentsy business full-time from home and it is a dream come true.  Who would have thought that within 5 years of investing £94 in a business, we would both work our own hours, be there for both our two daughters full-time and have a residual income from a business we truly love and are proud to be a part of.

Scentsy is so much more than a business.  We have a saying “more than warmers and wax” and it couldn’t be a truer statement.

Scentsy Achievements

With Scentsy, I have had the opportunity to travel the world by earning their all expense paid incentive trips.  I have been to:-

  1.  Royal Carribean Cruise to countries including Spain, France and Italy
  2.  Cancun, Mexico
  3.  Athens, Greece
  4.  Royal Carribean Cruise from Florida to Cozumel Island, Mexico
  5.  A family holiday to Disney World in Florida
  6.  New York
  7.  A South African Safari / Cape Town as I earned a place on an incentive for being in the top 100 for the company during that incentive period.

I am so excited about where else in the world Scentsy will take me and my family, my daughters are hoping for another trip to Disney World, whereas seeing the Northern Lights is at the top of my bucket list.

Even more exciting is seeing my team earning these incentive trips as well.  Scentsy offers a world of opportunities to everyone, no matter when you join Scentsy, we all have a level playing field to earn these incentives and work your way up the company.

I have also earned the following awards:-

  1. Annual Sales Award 2015
  2. Annual Sales Award 2016
  3. Annual Mentor Award 2016
  4. Annual Sales Award 2017
  5. Annual Mentor Award 2017
  6. Annual Sales Award 2018
  7. Annual Mentor Award 2018
  8. Annual Sales Award 2019
  9. Annual Sales Award 2020
  10. Annual Mentor Award 2020
  11. Annual Sales Award 2021
  12. Annual Sales Award 2022


When I joined Scentsy, I had severe anxiety issues and was suffering from panic attacks, at its worst I was virtually housebound and even going to the supermarket was an ordeal for me.

As soon as my starter kit arrived, I knew that I needed to do something with these products and make this business work.  They say you have to hit rock bottom to work your way back up and this is where I was.

My love for the product grew and my passion for the company I was part of changed my life.  Slowly, at my own pace, I found myself growing in confidence and pushing through the multitude of comfort zones that I had created for myself.  I am not a sales person, I am not a natural born leader.  With the support of my team, I have learned how to mentor people into running their own successful Scentsy businesses and for me, this is my proudest achievement.

I truly believe that Scentsy is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.  If you want to earn a little extra pocket money every month, or join with the ambition of working Scentsy full-time one day, then with the right determination and support, this can happen.  If I can do it, anyone can.


Our team motto is #strongertogether.  We work together, support each other daily, praise achievements and help each other with ideas to promote our businesses.

By joining myself and Team Written In The Stars you will be joining a network of consultants worldwide.  Our team has members in the UK (inc Northern Ireland), Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada).  We have a very active team page on Facebook where we sharing marketing ideas, promotional images, together with training to help you make your business a success.

We don’t believe in pressure, we all have outside commitments.  Who wants a job that is stressful and pressurised?  I certainly don’t and so our team works on the basis of fun and support.


Working from home has so many more advantages than disadvantages.

The disadvantages are your time management.  You need to learn how to ensure that your business gets the right amount of daily attention it needs to be successful.

Ok, I have to confess I have struggled with the disadvantages and time management is the only thing I can think of!

The advantages are neverending.

For us, the biggest advantage is we are both full-time parents to our daughters.  We both take our youngest daughter to and from school every single day.  We can both attend school assemblies and parents evening.  My husband has discovered the joys of the school run in the rain!  (Maybe that should go under the disadvantages?!).

Time, we have time to do things as a family.  We don’t have to book time off to go on holiday or go out for the day.  Our business travels with us.  All you need is your phone/laptop and wifi.

We have no cap on our income.  We are in control.  If we work hard then our income reflects this.

No commuting – we do not miss traffic jams every morning and evening!

This list really could go on forever.  Obviously for us to both work our business full-time from home we have to dedicate the time to it, but we do feel truly blessed to have discovered Scentsy and for the opportunity it has given us and our family.


It could be that you are reading this and are not convinced that you could make this a success.  All I can say is that if you have a real passion for a product and your why is big enough then anyone can make a success of Scentsy or any other business.  There is no hard selling with Scentsy, there is no need to.  You just need to be willing to share the product with people and let them fall in love with the fragrances as well.  When you think direct selling, you may automatically think “home parties”.  You don’t have to do home parties with Scentsy if you don’t want to, you sell in ways that you are comfortable with and work the hours you choose.

If you would like to talk to me about joining you are welcome to call me on 0800 772 0656 or request your free, no obligation, information pack here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


  1. Becky and Stu, Customer Service is most definitely 2nd to none!😊
    Ready to answer questions, nothing too much trouble!😊
    First Class team!😊
    5 STARS 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟Always! X🥰X

  2. Thank you for quick delivery of my new bulbs. I can finally use my mini warmer again!
    The sample of ‘World Traveller’ i received smells amazing and it’s such a pretty colour so thank you! 🙂

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