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Join Scentsy UK For Less With The Host Starter Kit

Host Starter Kit For Only £50 With Free UK Shipping

What is in the Scentsy host starter kit?

The Host Starter Kit comes with everything you will need to start your Scentsy business off with a bang.

For just £50 you receive all of the following.

Classic Curve – Gloss Gray Warmer
Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
Lemon Squeeze Counter Clean
Luna Scent Circle
Autumn/Winter 2021 Fragrance Tester Set
Consultant Guide
Quick Start Guide
Product Training Guide
Autumn/Winter 2021 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)
Autumn/Winter 2021 Product Lists (1 pad of 50 sheets)
Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Order forms (1 pack of 50)

Your Own Scentsy Website FREE for the first 3 months!
Then £10 per month thereafter if you wish to continue. It’s a rolling monthly contract so you can turn it on and off when you like.

Actual contents are subject to change without notice.

How do I order the Scentsy Host Starter Kit?

To order the Host Scentsy UK Starter Kit, simply fill out the form below with your name and email and we will be in touch to arrange taking payment of the £50 and to answer any questions you may have. You will be able to pay by card, bank transfer or PayPal. Please note the Scentsy Host Starter Kit is only available to order via consultants like us so you will not be able to purchase this kit online like the Standard Scentsy Starter Kit

Once we have taken payment we will order your kit from Scentsy. You will then receive an email from Scentsy with a link for you to follow to complete enrolment. This step usually only takes a few minutes. After you have completed your enrolment, you will become a consultant and be able to sell and place orders with Scentsy, even before your kit arrives! We will also invite you to our team page on Facebook. If you do not have Facebook, we have a WhatsApp group chat for sharing ideas and for answering questions.

Please note the host kit is only available to brand new consultants. If you are outside of the UK and would like this starter kit, please let us know and we can put you in touch with a consultant in our team who is located in your country.

Scentsy UK Host Starter Kit

If you would like to order this amazing kit for £50 with FREE UK shipping and become a Scentsy consultant please enter your name and email here. We will then email you details on how you can pay for the kit plus a link for you to complete enrolment with Scentsy.

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    1. I would love to join your team but I don’t have any until the end of the month of july

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      1. Hi Julie

        That’s completely fine.

        Join when you can afford the starter kit.

        Next month (July) will be the transition starter kit month so is a good time to join as you will receive both the season’s catalogues and testers. The winter season catalogue is out on August 1st

        When you have the £50 for the host kit please email or call us to purchase your kit.

        All the best

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    2. Hi Rebecca,
      I heard a very good feedbacks from friends they used scentsy products when I used to live in England, and I was thinking to join your team especially after moving to south wales as people here they still don’t know scentsy products and I am sure if they use them they will be a regular customers. I already have a idea how to become a consultant but still confused about the price to pay for the kit Scentsy is charging is it £85 or £50? Please advice.
      Thank you,
      KInd Regards,

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      1. Hi Hind

        If you are in the UK we have the two kits available to you.

        You can view the contents of the two kits here:-

        If you would like the full size kit you can order that one online here

        If you would like the host kit, this needs to be ordered via us directly. You can use this link to do this x

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    3. Can I rejoin?

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      1. Hi Nicola

        Yes, you can reactivate your Scentsy account.

        You can do this by emailing Scentsy or by logging back into your workstation.

        You can find out how to do this here:-

        If you wish to change your sponsor then you have to have been inactive for 6 months before you can rejoin under a new sponsor.

        Kind regards

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      2. I would love to join only an email hasn’t cam through yet ?

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        1. Hi Lucie

          Thanks for your interest in joining Scentsy with the host starter kit.

          If you are happy to go ahead and join Scentsy and have us as your sponsors please let me know how you would like to pay the £50 for the host kit?

          All I need from you at the moment is an email address you would like to sign up with and payment.

          Once you have paid I will add your starter kit to our order and then you will receive an email from Scentsy asking you to complete the enrolment process.

          Please then let us know when you have done this as we can then push the order through and you will then be officially a consultant.

          If you are on facebook please add myself as a friend I can then add you to our team page and help you get started

          Kind regards


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