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Are you ready to start your own Scentsy business?   Sound scary?  Let me put any concerns you have aside:-

*  Minimal investment – only £94 (including £9 shipping) to join Scentsy.
*  Your own FREE website for the first 3 months (and then the option to continue after then for only £10 a month).
*  Full support and training provided by me if you choose me as your sponsor, including being part of a friendly and active support team page on Facebook.
*  Ongoing training provided by Scentsy.

If you would like to receive a free information pack on joining Scentsy and my team, please do click here.

You are always welcome to contact me by telephoning 0800 772 0656 or emailing where I will be more than happy to answer any questions at all.

If you are ready to start your Scentsy business and would like me to be your sponsor, please click this link here and complete the online joining process. View the Scentsy starter kit here

Scentsy UK Starter Kit As Of April 2017

This is the kit you get when you join and it has everything you need to start your own business.
The picture above is what you get for only £94 inc shipping.

Starter Kit Contents:

  • 2 Warmers £72.00
  • 3 Bars of wax £17.00
  • 1 Car bar £ 7.25
  • 1 Buddy Clip. £18.25
  • 1 Set of testers £83.00
  • 1 Set of moulds £10.50
  • Plus lots of business supplies

Join Scentsy And Become An Independent Scentsy Consultant. By Joining My Team, I Will Support You In Starting, Developing And Growing Your Scentsy Business.

Rebecca Joyce Independent Scentsy Star DirectorNow couldn't be a better time to join Scentsy in the UK & Europe.

About me - Rebecca Joyce

My name is Becky and I joined Scentsy to earn a little extra cash for "pocket money". I needed something where I could work from home and which I could fit in around my 3 year old daughter and my part-time job. I chose Scentsy as it was brand new to the UK and could see the potential from its phenomenal success in the USA. I saw this as an exciting opportunity to join a MLM company at ground floor level. I love selling Scentsy as people are intrigued by it and best of all I can work as and when I want! Scentsy is very family friendly!

The Scentsy Family Compensation Plan

Scentsy UK Compensation Plan

Scentsy offers one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry.You can earnbetween 20% to 25% commission on your sales and up to 9% royalties from your downline. There is noobligation to recruit consultants and build a downline, you are in control of your earnings. If you join my Scentsy team, I will not only help you start your Scentsy business, I will support and mentor you to achieve your goals. We are building a fantastic team and look forward to expanding this.

Understanding the Scentsy UK Compensation Plan

I have wrote a blog post explaining the Scensty compensation plan. This post can be found Here

How Do I Sell Scentsy?

When you join and become a Scentsy Consultant, you are provided with a three-month FREE subscription to your own personal Scentsy website. At the end of the three months it is only £10 a month to continue your subscription. The Scentsy website subscription is a “switch on and off” option with no tie in or obligation at all. This is a very powerful tool which enables you to generate online sales. As an additional bonus, Scentsy deal with the dispatch of orders generated through your website!

It is your business and you sell Scentsy how you choose to and feel confident with. I started by handing catalogues out to family and friends (who in turn passed the catalogues to their friends etc) and as soon as my confidence grew (which was very quickly due to the positive response I had already received) I started attending local pamper and shopping events. From these I have established loyal customers who have then booked Scentsy home parties. Word of mouth is a fantastic selling tool and best of all it is free!

There are no catalogue drops, no minimum party requirements (you do not need to host parties if you don't feel comfortable with this), no target areas. The only requirement we have is that you sell 150prv (approximately £166) in one month within a three month period. Scentsy is very stress free and best of all it is great fun!!

Support and Training

Once you join my team and become a Scensty Consultant, you can be assured you will receive full support from not only myself, but also fellow Scentsy consultants within my team and throughout the UK and the USA. We have a fantastic support network in the form of closed groups on Facebook. I have also developed a team resource centre for my Scentsy team where you will have access to valuable selling tools and where we can discuss and share hints and tips on how to make the most of this amazing opportunity!

I will help you every step of the way in not only creating and establishing your Scentsy business, but also help in your continued success!

When You Join My Scentsy Team You Will Receive:

  • Full support and training

  • Access to our Team Facebook groups

  • Full access to our Team Resource Centre that is password protected

  • A large selection of templates and marketing ideas

  • Instant accessabilty to me via email or phone

  • Monthly team incentives on top of Scentsy run incentives

  • Monthly team newsletters

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