Scentsy UK Bricks

Scentsy Bricks Finally Available In The UK

Scentsy had its annual Scentsy Family Reunion in London UK this past weekend. One announcement was the arrival of the Scentsy Wax Bricks that will be available for you to purchase on 24 October 2022 in a Holiday Christmas Collection.

We have personally been waiting for these Scentsy Bricks to arrive in the UK for some years now. Scentsy over the pond in the USA have had these Scentsy Bricks for some time now.

These Scentsy Bricks are hand-poured in Idaho USA.

How big are the Scentsy UK Wax Bricks?

The Scentsy Bricks are 500ml / 424g so are a little over five times larger than the standard Scentsy Wax Bar.

How many cubes does the Scentsy UK Wax Brick have?

The Scentsy Bricks have 12 cubes.

How many hours of fragrance can you get from a Scentsy Brick?

You will get approximately up to 400 hours of fragrance.

How Much are Scentsy UK Bricks?

This information was not released at the Scentsy Family Reunion. We will update you when the price is released.

Scentsy UK Holiday Wax Bricks

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