Scentsy Is Expanding to Luxembourg and Belgium

Luxembourg & Belgium in August 2022

Scentsy is expanding in Europe

Say salut and hallo to Luxembourg and Belgium

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into BELGIUM and LUXEMBOURG this autumn.

Join us in welcoming THESE TWO NEW COUNTRIES into our Scentsy family as we continue our worldwide momentum.

We plan to open Belgium and Luxembourg as our first digital-only markets (no printed materials) in August 2022. We will support Consultants and customers in Luxembourg with French and German and in Belgium with Dutch and French.

We will make Scentsy Seeding Kits available for purchase starting at  7 p.m. BST on 7 June to help you promote this opportunity.

A Scentsy Seeding Kit is a fun care package full of products and information that will get your contacts in Belgium and Luxembourg excited about all Scentsy offers. Visit your Workstation to purchase a kit. The kit is £50 and includes a welcome note, a warmer, a Scentsy Bar and a Fragrance Flower.

If you are in Belgium or Lexembourg and would like a Seeding Kit please get in touch with us.

Do you know anyone in these two countries who would be interested in being one of the first Scentsy consultants there? If so please share this page with them so they can request a Seeding Kit or a FREE information pack.

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