With the wedding season fast approaching

..although with all this miserable weather you could be forgiven for thinking it was still winter!, I thought it was time to review one of my favourite warmers, Bride.  I have to confess, when I first saw it in the catalogue I wasn’t that taken with it, but I received an order for this quite quickly and when it arrived, I instantly saw its appeal.

Make your  vow with a lovely, sculpted corsage of roses in delicate,
dappled ivory with hints of pale green

Bride is a classic, timeless design which would appeal to all ages.  This warmer would make a wonderful gift for any couple on their wedding day, something which can take pride of place alongside their wedding photos.

I think it’s design captures the elegance and pureness of a bride on her wedding day perfectly.

Prince William and Kate’s wedding cake may have inspired Scentsy’s Bride design!

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  1. yes Im loving Scentsy….great product and Heidi and Orville are inspirational! love Bride would love one in my hallway but it carries from kitchen and living room so happy with that! Im like a kid in a sweetie shop trying all the wax.

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