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60 Ways To Sell Scentsy & Grow Your Direct Sales Business!

There are many things I love about Scentsy, but one of the most important things to me is the ability to be able to sell the product however I feel comfortable with.  When I first joined Scentsy, parties scared me, events scared me, talking to strangers worried me.  There are so many ways to sell the Scentsy products, that slowly my confidence grew and I am now able to do all these things.

So if you are trying to find ways to sell the products within your current confidence levels, or if you are looking for some new ideas to try, then you have come to the right place!  As you read through the list make a note of two or three to try, take them away and action them.  Once you have done them, come back and pick another two or three.  Slowly work your way through the list until you are actively doing all these tasks.  Which your business grow and hopefully your confidence as well!

  1.  Ask friends/family to host a party for you (remember to promote parties at those parties for more hostesses).
  2. Have a home launch party when you join Scentsy and for the release of the new catalogues.
  3. Visit local hairdressers to leave your contact details and samples.  Offer a loan warmer.
  4. Visit dog groomers to leave your contact details and samples.  Offer a loan warmer.
  5. Ask friends/family to host a baskete party for you (remember to promote “pass the basket” for more hostesses).
  6. Take some catalogues, your testers and a warmer (if you are allowed) into work to show colleagues.
  7. Ask friends/family if they could take catalogues, your testers and a warmer (if they are allowed) into work to show colleagues.
  8. Make sure your employment on Facebook links to your Facebook business page.
  9. Create a Facebook business page and be consistent with your posts.
  10. Create a Facebook VIP customer group (remember no personal specials can be promoted within them).
  11. Personalise your Scentsy website, including having a photo of you and your story, remember to update it regularly.
  12. Create an external website to link to your PWS.
  13. Create a blog.
  14. Set up a YouTube channel.
  15. Look into Google ad words advertising.
  16. Look into Facebook adverts.
  17. Brand your car with vinyls (check your car insurance first).
  18. Create and regularly update your list of 100 people you know.
  19. Always carry your business with you, be armed with product sheets and samples wherever you go.
  20. Create a Pinterest account.
  21. Use Scentsy bags when going shopping.
  22. Brand yourself and wear your Scentsy clothing.
  23. Create a customer referral programme (work within compliance).
  24. Create a newsletter to keep your customers up to date with Scentsy products, sales etc
  25. Approach bloggers to review your business and the products for you.
  26. Approach YouTubers to review your business and the products for you.
  27. Ask customers to share their testimonials for you on their social media accounts.
  28. Contact estate agents to display one in their office and/or customers homes.
  29. Contact house developers – Scentsy would look great in show homes or as a gift for the new home owners.
  30. Contact B&B’s and Hotels.
  31. Local fundraising – are there any local charities looking for much needed support?
  32. Place an advert on noticeboards in shops & newsagents.
  33. Offer to lend a warmer to bridal shops.
  34. Offer to lend a warmer or diffuser to local spas.
  35. Offer to lend a warmer to funeral directors.
  36. Offer to lend a warmer to a dentist in their waiting area.
  37. Contact large local businesses such as banks and ask if you can set up a display in their canteen at lunch time in exchange for a percentage of your commission to be donated to a charity of their choice.
  38. Ask friends/family to host a Facebook party for you.
  39. Run a Mystery Hostess Facebook party for your VIP customer group (remember to act within compliance). 
  40. Promote your business on Facebook buy/sell pages.
  41. Join forces with another direct sales consultant and host a joint party.
  42. Offer to do a basket party swap with another direct selling consultant.
  43. Search for local pamper nights/shopping events.
  44. Leave samples and a business card with your bill at a restaurant.
  45. Create a Google + account.
  46. Create an Instagram account.
  47. Create a Twitter account.
  48. Door neighbourhood letterbox drop to promote your products.
  49. Create a signature on your email account promoting your business.
  50. Create a YouTube channel.
  51. Give a sample with every customer order and ask them to leave a review for you on you Facebook business page/VIP customer group.
  52. Contact past customers and see how they are enjoying their fragrances, recommend some new ones to them.
  53. Approach local school PTAs and offer to run a fundraiser for them.
  54. Approach local Girl Guide and Scouting groups and offer to run a fundraiser for them.
  55. Attend local business networking groups to meet other local businesses.
  56. Create and implement your customer follow-up system.  The fortune is in the follow-up.
  57. Ask friends and family to share your social media accounts.
  58. Utilise the training videos on the Scentsy workstation.
  59. Create your reading list to inspire you.  I highly recommend “Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing Rock Star” by Sarah Robbins.
  60. Be your best customer, enjoy your products and tell people how much you love them.  Share and enjoy.

I hope you have found this useful and will take away lots of ideas from it.  If there are any that you think I have missed, please do let me know!

Work Smarter Not Harder
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