Changing The Wax In Your Scentsy Warmer Is Easy!

The two most popular ways of changing the Scentsy Wax in your Warmers are:-

Changing Your Scentsy Wax – The Cold Method

Once the fragrance has faded from your wax (the wax will never disappear, only the fragrance), simply turn your warmer off and let the wax re-solidify to its cold state.  Once it has reset in the dish, use the top corner of your wax bar packaging to score around the edge of the wax.  The wax will then pop out whole, for you to throw away – so no mess!  Then you just need to simply wipe the dish with a piece of kitchen roll and then pick your new wax fragrance!

Changing your Scentsy Wax with Scentsy Cotton Cleanups – The Wool Method

As soon as you feel it’s time to change out your old spent wax, get a Scentsy cotton cleanup and place it in the already melted wax. It will take just seconds to soak up the wax. You can repeat this process up to 4 times with one cotton cleanup. You can also use cotton wool balls too.

What are Scentsy Cotton Cleanup Pads

The Scentsy Cotton Cleanup Pads are specially designed to make changing your Scentsy Wax an easy clean experience. The Scentsy Cotton Cleanups come in a pack of 25 and each pad can soak up 4 cubes of wax. So effectively 100 uses in one pack. They are priced at £12 for a pack of 25.

Scentsy Cotton Cleanup Pads

Other ways to swap out your Scentsy Wax?

  • The OFF / ON method. From cold turn on your warmer with the wax that you wish to change. After approx 3-5 minutes the wax will become soft and will unstick itself from the dish. You can then easily slide out the wax and place it in the rubbish.
  • Pour the wax once melted directly into the bin. (not advisable as this can become messy).

Have another way! Please let us know in the comments. x

Our preferred way at The Candle Boutique is by using the Scentsy Cotton Cleanups.

We use this way as it is simply the fastest and cleanest way. Also, some of our warmers have square dishes and this way is easier than scoring the edge of the wax out as shown in the above cold method.

When should you change your Scentsy wax?

Our general rule is to change the wax after around 10 hours of use. This way you get the full fragrance experience. Did you know that as the fragrance is released the aroma changes from top notes to base notes? The base notes of the bar last longer and are often the last fragrance to remain.

Why doesn’t Scentsy Wax disappear when it burns?

Scentsy Wax technically doesn’t burn, it just melts when it is warmed. It doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as a traditional Scented Candle with a wick. Because the wax is not burnt, it is only the fragrance oils that are released and thus the wax remains even when the fragrance has been depleted.

Changing your wax before the fragrance is depleted.

If you just fancy a change and want to reuse the wax at a later date you can just pour the wax back into the original packaging and let it cool down on a flat surface. This is advisable if you become, what we call nose-blind, also known as Anosmia. This is when you become acclimatised to the fragrance and no longer notice the fragrance. This can be remedied by swapping out your Scentsy wax to a different fragrance.

How many times can I use the same wax melt?

As each Scentsy wax cube can last up to 10 hours you can keep on remelting the wax up until the 10 hours. Some fragrances may last slightly longer and some slightly less so 10 hours is an approximation.

How many Scentsy cubes should you use for the maximum fragrance throw?

Scentsy, on the latest generation of warmers, has a number on the underside of the dish. This number will show the maximum number of cubes this warmer can take for the most fragrance throw.

Scentsy Maximum Number Of Wax Cubes To Use

How to clean your wax dish.

It’s common for the bottom of the dish to become discoloured by the oils in the wax. This can be remedied by using a gentle soap and a soft cloth to remove the stains and oil residue.

Things you should avoid doing

  • Never put the wax down the drain.
  • Never use a sharp or abrasive object like a knife to remove the wax.
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