Scentsy Warmers Have A Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime guarantee that covers our Scentsy Diffusers now applies to our warmers!  The best news is that we’re not just covering warmers sold in the future.  This warranty is retroactive for all Scentsy Europen warmers EVER sold.

We are working on updating the Scentsy warmer product insert for all current and new warmers to reflect the updated guarantee information, which will include this:

“Scentsy Warmers are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Any Warmer found to be defective or damaged under normal use and care will be replaced with the same, or comparable, product at Scentsy’s discretion”

Scentsy warmers have a lifetime guarantee



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  1. Hi i have a budha plug in which the plug has broke and the lady i had it off is saying it cnt be replace but i was told theres a life time warranty on them.

  2. Hi, I broke my warmer dish whilst cleaning it and ordered a replacement from my local consultant. I was so looking forward to having my house smelling nice again only find out the dish she ordered me didn’t fit 🙁 my warmer is a couple of years old and has been discontinued I believe however the replacement dish is too big and won’t heat the wax. Is there anyway I could please return the dish for the correct one please?

    1. Hi, I am sorry to hear this.

      Yes if you get in touch with your consultant, they will be able to return it to Scentsy for a refund (as long as it is unused and still in its original packaging).

      Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

      Kind regards


      1. Hi, I have a diffuser that now switches itself off after a minute or so.
        Have you any advice to resolve this (I have already cleaned item) or do I need to return item please?

  3. hi i purchased my scentsy plug in light warmer just over a year ago, i thought it was just the bulb that had gone, so i ordered the cuorrect scentsy bulbs from you but still not working, i thnik it may be the fuse but cannot unscrew to take a look.
    is is possible for your to replace?? and how do i go about it. many thanks
    karen reeves

    1. Hi Karen

      Yes, it sounds like the fuse has blown.

      It is very difficult to get to the fuse so I think its best for me to get a replacement sent out to you.

      There are a few things I need from you to do this.

      The consultant’s name who you bought it from.
      Rough date when you bought it.
      What mini warmer it is.
      Your full name and delivery address.

      Once I have these details I can email Scentsy to arrange a replacement.

      Kind regards


      ps please email me directly at

  4. I have a Warmer that isn’t working ,I thought it might be the bulb ,however when I tried another bulb still not working . The socket inside is partly black like it has burnt . Can you help ??

    1. Hi

      Yes, I can forward this on to Scentsy for them to advise what to do. They will most likely send you a replacement and ask for the old one to be returned. They will supply a pre-paid UPS returns label so you will just have to drop the faulty warmer of at your nearest UPS access point.

      If you could email me the following over for me to send to Scentsy.

      1, The name of the warmer.
      2, The date it was purchased.
      3, If you did not buy it from us “The Candle Boutique” then I need the name of the consultant and the order number from them.
      4, Your full name and delivery address.
      5, An email address you would like to use for Scentsy to email a UPS returns label.

      You can contact us here:-

      Kind regards


  5. Hi my husband brought me a scentsy warmer lamp for Christmas 2018 from your agent Jodie Bradley the socket where the cable goes into has broke and the lamp no longer works

    1. Hi

      I am sorry to hear that.

      Our warmers are covered with a lifetime guarantee, if you get in touch with your consultant, she will be able to contact Scentsy on your behalf. x

  6. Hey i purchased a mini silver glitter warmer unfortunatley i am disabled and while sorting my flat i knocked it and the dish you put the wax in has fallen into the burner so is resting on rhe bulb and is now unsafe is that covered or not as it was an accident not a manufacturing issue. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Nikkii

      I’m really sorry to hear that, the lifetime replacement warranty is for manufacturing defects only.

      Please let me know if you would like to order a replacement.

      Kind regards

  7. Hi – I have a mini scentsy warmer (mini chasing fireflies) which has stopped working. I purchased from a consultant at a party, unsure of the name. What’s the procedure for claiming a replacement if I don’t have name and contact details for the consultant?

    1. Hello Kelly,

      I wanted to inform you that Scentsy warmers are covered by a lifetime guarantee. If you contact us at, we can pass on your information to Scentsy support, who may assist you.

      Typically, they require proof of purchase or, at the very least, the consultant’s name for a more successful claim. If Scentsy doesn’t honor the claim due to insufficient details, you can find the base for the Chasing Fireflies warmer at:

      Best regards,

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