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Don’t Miss Out: Bring Back My Buddy Winners Available Starting 30 October 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • What: Bring Back My Buddy
  • When: Starting at 7pm GMT on Monday, 30 October, while supplies last.
  • Where: Our Website
  • Cost: £42/€51 each

After an incredible 302,755 votes cast in February, we are thrilled to announce the triumphant winners of this year’s Bring Back My Buddy event! Bailey the Bunny, Farah the Flamingo, and Serena the Sleepy Bear will be back and available for purchase starting at 7pm GMT on October 30th, priced at £42/€51 each. Hurry, as these beloved Scentsy Buddies will be available only while supplies last.

Bailey the Bunny is one of our youngest daughter’s favourite Buddies is back tomorrow for a limited time!
Bethany loves Bailey because “the inside of her ears are really soft and I love how fluffy she is”.
If you know someone who would loves bunnies, then Bailey really is a beautiful gift. £42 with a FREE Scent Pak fragrance of your choice.

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