Sell Scentsy and become a consultant with our simple online enrollment process.

  • Simply visit to complete the online enrollment process to join Scentsy.
  • Choose your Scentsy Starter Kit. This August we have a larger kit available.
  • Once you have completed the enrollment process and have paid for your Scentsy Starter Kit you will be emailed with your login details for your Scentsy Workstation.

Your Scentsy Starter Kit will come with a host of business materials and products to make selling Scentsy as easy as possible.

  • Scentsy Party Testers – These are the most important part of your starter kit. You will have a fragrance party tester for every fragrance we have available in our catalogue
  • Scentsy Warmer(s) – You will also receive 1 or 2 warmers that you can use yourself and lend out to potential customers. You will get 3 wax bars to use in your warmer. This August they are Pink Haze, Shimmer and Vanilla Bean Buttercream.
  • Additional Products – You will also receive addition products that we sell from cuddly Scentsy Buddies to our fantastic smelling Laundry Products plus much more.
  • Business Materials – You will also receive Catalogues and other business materials along with the Scentsy Consultant and Product Guides.

The costs involved in becomeing a Scentsy consultnat in the UK.

  • Your initial cost for the Scentsy starter kit is £85 + P&P for our standard kit or £50 for our host starter kit.
  • There are no ongoing monthly fees from Scentsy to be a consultant.
  • Other fees that are optional could be promotional marketing costs, travel expenses incurred by delivering products or doing home parties.

We offer people who are considering joining Scentsy a free information pack.

If you would like more information on joing Scentsy please follow this link
If you have a questions regarding joining Scentsy please contact me here


Results may not be typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure provided by Scentsy.
Income Disclosure
See how much Scentsy Consultants earn

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