Scentsy UK Semi Annual BBMB

What is Bring Back My Bar?

Twice a year, we offer you the chance to vote back your favourite discontinued Scentsy Bars. The winners then go on sale for a limited time, giving you the opportunity to stock up. That’s Bring Back My Bar!

Vote for your favourite Scentsy Bars today!

Vote for your favourite discontinued Scentsy Bars to rejoin our lineup for a limited time!*

Voting begins at 8 a.m. BST 2 October and ends at 7:59 a.m. BST 8 October. The top 12 winners will be announced 21 October.

*Bars available as recently as January 2018 are not eligible. Ineligibility ensures the same bars are not brought back every six months, making way for different fragrances every voting cycle.


Scentsy BBMB UK results

The votes have been counted and verified and these bars will be back, for a limited time in January, whilst stock lasts!

Love Story

Pumpkin Marshmallow

White Sands

French Kiss

My Dear Watson


Crazy Coconut


My Only Sunshine

Rio Beach

Go Wild(flowers)

Black Ruby