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Scentsy UK Bring Back My Buddy

It’s time to Bring Back My Buddy!

Voting runs from 24-27 February 2021 On The Scentsy Website

Here’s a quick rundown of the voting details:

  • Voting on our Website (PWS) begins at 6 p.m. GMT 24 February and ends at 7:59 a.m. GMT 27 February.
  • Voting is limited to one vote per person, per day – so make it count!
  • You can vote for up to five Scentsy Buddies on your ballot (or five votes for the same Buddy, if you choose).
  • Voting options exclude licensed and charitable cause Scentsy Buddies. The winners of the last round of Bring Back My Buddy – Eliza the ElephantStella the Unicorn and Suzie the Sloth – are also excluded.

The three winners will be announced March 4. Special editions of these Scentsy Buddies be available for purchase in fall 2021, while supplies last.

See All The buddies & Cast Your Vote Now!

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