What Scentsy bulb do I need? Is one of the most asked questions we get asked.

There are currently 6 different Scentsy bulbs for our Scentsy UK & European warmers. Please also remember that not all Scentsy warmers have bulbs. Some have led’s (Light Emitting Diodes) and a heating plate.

Please note that energy-saving bulbs will not work with Scentsy Warmers as they do not emit enough heat. Scentsy bulbs have been designed to be as energy efficient as possible while still giving off enough heat to warm the wax.

Element Scentsy Warmer
An example of a heating plate warmer is this warmer pictured above.

New Coloured Bulbs Now Available.

Scentsy UK Coloured Bulbs

Scentsy UK Bulb Search

If you know your warmer name please enter it below for the bulb you need or simply match the wattage and style up with the bulbs listed below. (Please note only current warmers may work on the search)

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