🌟✨ Scentsy Flash Sale Alert! 🚀 Score Big Savings with Up to 70% Off! Starts 6pm on Thursday 9th May 2024 for 24 Hours or while supplies last!!

Click this link below or simply wait for this page to redirect.
Please note once you click the link “Shop Scentsy Flash Sale” shown below, the page you will land on will not show the flash sale category until after 6pm on the 9th of May 2024 We recomend you stay on this page to be redirected when the flash sale goes live.

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Please stay on this page to be automatically redirected to the Scentsy UK & Europe Flash Sale


The page once redirected will look like the image below if there is high traffic, this is the splash screen queue page. (Once on the queue page there is no need to refresh the page) After the queue, you will see a wait time, it may be in hours, yes hours. But please note that this wait time goes significantly quicker than the time shown and total wait time will likely be hugely less! After the wait time you will enter the specials section of our website then just click “Flash Sale“.

Please note if the wait time in the queue says more than an hour, it will likely only be 5-10 minutes from past experiences.

Thanks in advance for any orders you may place. x 

Scentsy Splash Screen Queue

Once you see this “You’re in Line!” page there is no need to refresh the page.

Just simply wait to see the wait time. Please note that this wait time goes alot quicker than the time shown. If it says 10 minutes it will most likely only be 3-4 minutes until you can enter the sale. The next page will look like the image below. Then just click “Flash Sale”. Good luck and thanks so much for your orders. x

A few tips on how to best navigate a Scentsy Flash Sale and bag yourself as many goodies as possible

✅ Make a list of items you may wish to purchase before the sale.
✅ Be on our website around 5 minutes before the official Flash Sale start time.
✅ There will be a queuing system in place around the time the sale goes live.
✅ This queuing system will take up to 15 minutes until a time will be shown.
✅ There is no need to refresh the page once you are on the queuing system page.
✅ Use a personal computer or laptop as this will be easier and quicker to browse the Flash Sale and checkout.
✅ If your browser supports auto-filling out forms then use this to speed up the checkout process. You can then fill all your address and payment details in, in the blink of an eye.
✅ Have your mobile phone handy as it’s very likely the payment will need to be approved with your bank if paying by card. You will just have to approve the payment in your banking app or they may text you a code to enter. This is a new change that was introduced back in March 2022 (SCA Strong Customer Authentication).
✅ Please note that Flash Sales are online only!
✅ Our website accepts all major cards and we also accept PayPal in the UK too.
✅ Please note that once you have added items to your basket that DOES NOT guarantee that you can purchase them. Please check out as soon as possible.
✅ Please note there may be an additional £1 added to your payment as an authorisation check but will be shown as pending in your banking app and will not be ultimately charged once the payment clears.
✅ Shipping will apply to online orders.
✅ Shipping for Flash Sale orders may experience delays.
✅ Finally remain calm and enjoy the discounts the Scentsy Flash Sale offers.

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