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7 Important Cost-Saving Takeaways

  • Stock up when there is a flash sale
  • Make the most of the clearance sale section that is available all year round.
  • Use the bundle & save options
  • Combine orders with friends to split bundle and save options
  • Use Scentsy Club to get 10% OFF & half-price items
  • If you love your Scentsy and cannot be without, it may be worth you opening a Scentsy Sellers account.

Everyone is having to tighten their purse strings at the moment and unfortunately, that means some luxuries have to be sacrificed.  However, for so many of our customers, Scentsy is their treat and not having Scentsy in their home is not an option.
So how can you still have Scentsy in your home but be on a tighter budget?

Now more than ever, we value being able to purchase items that we love, but as cheap as possible and in this blog I hope we can show you how you can still enjoy your Scentsy, but maybe on a tighter budget.

Stock up when there is a Scentsy Flash Sale

Scentsy generally has around 2-3 flash sales a year. This is always a great time to buy not only wax but warmers and other products in our range at huge discounts. Suscribe to our mailing list for updates on all things Scentsy and of course when our Flash Sales will be happening.

Clearance Section

The clearance section contains so many stunning warmers, beautiful fragrances and other quality products that have either previously been in our catalogue or were part of a limited-edition release.

The best bit, if you purchase a warmer from the clearance section, it still has the lifetime guarantee.  The quality is no less!

Bundle & Save

So many of our products can be placed into money saving bundles, so you can still choose whatever you want but know you are making savings as well.

For example, if you purchase 3 wax bars, you receive a £1 saving, or if you purchase 5 bars, you receive a 6th bar of your choice for free.  All you need to do is choose the bundle and save option and put together your savings bundle!

If you want to treat yourself to a warmer, you can also get yourself some great savings!  For example, if you purchased a plugin mini warmer of your choice (£30) and 3 wax bars of your choice (non licensed), you will receive a saving of £3.75.

There are so many bundle and save options available, not just for a waxes and warmers, but also other product lines including unplugged (i.e. Fragrance Flowers, Car Bars and Scent Circles), laundry, cleaning range, body products and our pet care range.

Buy With Friends

Another way you can make savings, is by combing orders with your friends! If you and a friend want to place an order, you could split a bundle and save deal between you and both benefit from those savings!

Or, if there are a few of you, if your combined orders equal £245+, you could earn free and half price Scentsy products!  This means you could all split those rewards and benefit from free and half price products!!  Please take a look at the Scentsy host rewards chart below to see what you could earn!  If you wanted me to set up a shopping link for you and your friends, please get in touch and I can get that sorted for you!

Earn free products equal to 10 to 15 percent of your party’s sales, plus additional half-price products to really work down your Scentsy wish list.

Scentsy Club

Scentsy Club is an amazing way to not only make savings on your Scentsy goodies, but also to keep getting those wax bars that you cannot live without once they have been discontinued!

When you set up a Scentsy Club you receive 10% off all orders over £36, a half-price item on all orders over £73 and 1 point per £ you spend, which can be accumulated and redeemed against future orders.

Scentsy Club is a brilliant way to save money on your Scentsy orders.

Open A Scentsy Sellers Account

Another way to receive all the host rewards for your own orders, PLUS the commission, is by creating your own Scentsy seller’s account.  This is the ultimate way to get your Scentsy the cheapest way possible.  If you wanted to explore this way and find out more info, please get in touch!

Yes there are cheaper alternatives to Scentsy out there, but we pride ourselves on bringing you high quality flame-free, fragrance products to your home.  Buy once, by for life, buy cheap, buy twice!

I really hope this blog has helped show you the different ways Scentsy can be purchased at a cheaper cost to you. Throughout this financial crisis, we can keep having beautifully fragranced homes. 

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