Standard warmers will be updated with new electrical components starting with the December Warmer of the Month.

Changes will affect most new warmers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand
Scentsy will be phasing in a new light bulb holder in our standard warmers.

The new electrical components of our standard warmers will be a light bulb holder attached to the electrical cord that is inserted into the bottom of the warmer shade. 

We have received feedback that having the on/off switch on the base and in the back of our warmers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand isn’t user-friendly. With the change above, the on/off switch will be on the cord for easy access.  

We are also making this change to diversify our manufacturing options; have the flexibility to design and develop in other countries; have better accessibility to create our well-known, unique, beautiful and high-quality designs; and continue our efforts to save costs where we can by competitively looking at our suppliers and product sourcing.

Please note that we are phasing in this change over time, so not every new standard warmer will immediately have the new light bulb holder. As we transition this change, instructions for customers to assemble and use their warmer will either be stickered on the outside of the box or printed on the instruction insert within the box.  For December Warmer of the Month, instructions for customers to use their warmers will be stickered on the outside of the box.

Element Warmers, mini warmer wall plugs and mini warmer tabletop bases will not have the change outlined above. 

Here are some photos of the design change.

This is a welcome change as using the switch on the base was always a little troublesome. The on/off switch on the cord is much easier to use. The cords are still the same length (1.6m) and the bulbs are still the same fitting. The fragrance throw and look of the warmers will remain the same with the added benefit that our manufacturing options will be extended so look out for some more incredibly stunning warmer designs. Also in the future, I can see Scentsy selling the replacement electrical components so the warmer that you have fallen in love with will still be usable in the unlikely event it stops working.

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