Scentsy in Forbes Magazine.

This may be old news for some but I feel this is still worth sharing to those that don’t know!

Forbes Magazine published (end of 2011) its list of America’s Most Promising Companies.  Scentsy was ranked #66 in the top 100!

Scentsy is the largest company on the Forbes list in terms of annual revenues and number of employees.  CEO Orville Thompson says despite the company’s size, there’s room to grow.  He adds, “We can extend the Scentsy product line so that there are more fragrance products that are attached to the Scentsy brand that people can purchase.  We can come up with new distinct brands.  Or we can go into new geographic areas.”  Thompson says the company plans to grow in each of these areas.  The Meridian firm makes wickless candles and other fragrance products that it sells by independent reps who hold parties at their homes.

Annual Revenue*($mil) Revenue Change % (2008 to 2010) Employees* Fiscal Year End
381.8 499 750 31-Dec

Founded in 2004, the company sells scented, low-watt candles that produce no flame or soot.  Scentsy employs a direct-sales distribution model, such as Avon and Tupperware.  Co-founder, Heidi Thompson, was the Idaho Business Review’s 2011 Woman of the Year.

For more information visit the Forbes website here

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