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/ / PayPal is now available in euro currency countries

PayPal is now available in euro currency countries

In our ongoing efforts to offer our customers a variety of payment options, we are now able to accept PayPal in all Scentsy countries where the euro is the established currency (Ireland, France, Spain, Luxembourg and Italy, in addition to Germany, Austria and the Netherlands).

PayPal may not be used to join Scentsy or purchase a Starter Kit. Additionally, we are unable to accept recurring PayPal payments for subscription orders such as Scentsy Club.

We will continue to explore the business requirements and feasibility of offering PayPal to countries with other currencies.

Hopefully, the UK will not be far behind and we can offer the option of payment via PayPal online via our website.

If you are in the UK and wish to purchase Scentsy via PayPal this can only be done with direct order via email or phone to us. (not via this website)
To order direct with us please contact us here.

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