Scentsy Can Save You Money!

Do you love candles but worry about the naked flame in your home?  Do you spend a fortune on candle jars that look awful once they have been burned for a few hours?

Do you spend a fortune on the plug-ins throughout your home?

Scentsy is a fantastic alternative and can save you money!

Scentsy –v- Medium Size Candle Jars

1 medium candle jar lasts 60-80 hours & costs £15.99

1 Scentsy bar lasts 60-80 hours & costs £5.00

Over one year, 12 medium candle jars will cost £191.88
Over one year, one full-size Scentsy warmer &
12 Scentsy bars will cost £80.00

The year after, 12 medium candle jars costs £191.88

The year after, 12 Scentsy bars will cost £50.00
(price calculated including discount)

Makes “scents” doesn’t it!

~ Prices correct at the time of printing ~

























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