Scentsy UK stylish warmers use a heating element to melt specially formulated wax. With no flame, smoke or soot the Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy Scentsy Fragrances.

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How Scentsy Wax Warmers Work


In the UK and Europe, our warmers use a heating plate to gently melt the scented wax. Our warmers use LEDs to create different lighting effects depending on the style chosen. All of our warmers are supplied with a three year guarantee for your peace of mind .

Step 2 Add Wax


Step 1

Plug it in.

Step 2 Add Wax


Step 2

Place one or more sections of a
Scentsy Bar into the warmer dish.

Step 2 Add Wax


Step 3


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What Do I Need?


All you need to do is:-

1. Choose your Scentsy warmer (each warmer is automatically supplied with a lead)

2. Choose your scented wax

3. We have combine and save deals to save you money!


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New Scentsy UK Items

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Scentsy Testimonials

Your chance to write a review and read previous reviews on all our scents past and present. To view this page click here there are currently over 179 individual reviews.

Clothesline Scentsy Bar Review

"A lovely smell of freshly washed clothes. Definitely smells of a certain fabric condition (which I can't quite work out which one), lovely florals without being too overpowering!" By Jade

"Was sent a sample of this wax bar just last week and I'm burning it at the minute in my kitchen. It's absolutely gorgeous the smell of fresh linen that it gives out is divine. Quite a strong smell but I like that has lasted all day not overpowering just right." By Carol

Coconut Cotton Scentsy Bar Review

"I adore this fragrance. It reminds me of my family holiday to the Caribbean. It has a strong coconut smell and fills the room well. It's A gentle reminder that summer is round the corner." By Vanessa

"By far my all time favourite, everyone in this house loves this smell. A mixture of fresh washing on a tropical beach! Fills my whole bungalow with a beautiful smell x" By Gemma

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Scentsy 2015 Starter Kit


Scentsy Silhouette Collection


Add new dimension to your space with the Silhouette Collection. Each wrap encircles a simple, porcelain Scentsy Warmer. Switch it on and the light shines through, creating amazing textured patterns.


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Scensty Buddy Collection


Huggable Scentsy for the whole family!

Scentsy Buddies are huggable cuties that come to life with the help of a Scent Pak. Just insert a Scent Pak and bring your Buddy to life with some of the best scents Scentsy has to offer. If you want your Buddy to smell really sweet, just give them a squeeze! If you'd like to swap your Scent Pak for a different fragrance, just unzip your Buddy, remove the Scent Pak, and replace it with another one of your favourites.


Appropriate for all ages. Each includes one Scent Pak.

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Browse the New Spring / Summer Catalogue

Browse the new Spring / Summer 2016 Catalogue

Browse our entire collection of diffusers and warmers, artisanal fragrances and other finely crafted fragrance products to discover your perfect sensory experience.

Browse the New Spring / Summer Catalogue

With a bright fresh new look, the new Spring/Summer 2016 Scentsy UK catalogue introduces some stunning new fragrances and the expansion of our kids range, including the launch of the Scrubby Buddies, 2 Diffusers, new warmers and their very own fragrances. I hope you love the new catalogue as much as I do.

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Scentsy UK Catalogue

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