What are Scentsy Wax Warmers? What are they made of?

If you love candles but worry about having a naked flame in your home, then the Scentsy wax warmers are the perfect and safe solution.  Scentsy is also a great alternative to the traditional plug in air-fresheners you have dotted throughout your home.

A Scentsy warmer has no wick, uses no flame, and produces no soot.  Instead of a flame, it uses a heating element to slowly melt soft, scented wax bars to maximize fragrance time.  The fantastic thing about our warmers is that once the wax has warmed, it only reaches 51.6 degrees Celsius, so there is no risk of burning!!

Our  warmers are designed by Scentsy and manufactured in facilities in China to Scentsy specifications, each warmer is made of high-quality ceramic or porcelain.  China is one of the best in the world at ceramic manufacturing.

The video, Rocks to Warmers, provides detailed information on the manufacturing process.



In the UK, we currently have 80 warmers to choose from, so there will be something to suit all tastes, from the extremely popular Loom Scentsy Warmer, to our Tiara Scentsy Warmer which is perfect for any little princess.



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