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The chicken pox saga continues!  I was so pleased that my little girl seemed to have got away with it lightly, well I was wrong!  She has managed to get spots on both eyeballs and her lungs 🙁  She is missing her first ever school trip today which I am devastated about, but on the upside she does seem to be slowly improving.  So glad to get chicken pox over and done with!

Due to events, I am a little late in informing you all about Scentsy’s end of season sale – so anything in the Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue currently has 10% off for the duration of February 2013.  As with anything there is of course an exception to this.  Our Scentsy combine and save Perfect Scentsy Full Size System and the Perfect Scentsy Mid Size System are excluded as there are already £10 savings on these packs 🙂  So not all bad!

So this is a great time to stock up on your favourite Scentsy wax refills or even treat yourself to the Scentsywarmer you have had your eye on!  Or why not try some of the products from our Scentsy Personal Care range? We have shower creams, solid perfumes, hand cream and body lotion.  A lovely way to pamper yourself with some of your favourite Scentsy fragrances.

Visit and when you are ready to order, email and ask about my special shipping rates!





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