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How Do I Become an Independent Scentsy Consultant?

Join Scentsy Today and Receive More Kit For Your Money!

There Has Never Been a Better Time To Join Scentsy UK and Work From Home!

January was a very interesting and eventful time in my house, a man fell off our roof, our ceiling caved in following a leaky tap in the bathroom and our daughter got chicken pox.

We do seem to have gotten away lightly with the chicken pox though.  She was very poorly a couple of weeks ago and we thought it was just a very nasty virus.  After a returning to school for a couple of days, she woke up on Tuesday covered in spots.  I have decided that my husband really does need to have his eyes tested though as he lifted her into the bath without noticing she was covered in spots lol  I have dreaded her getting chicken pox as I can remember as a child being really ill with it but thank goodness she has been fine.  So much so that yesterday she had enough energy to practice a new walk (as her current style is “boring” ) and she has now perfected the Gangham Style dance.  Unfortunately although she is perfectly fine she still cannot go back to school as the spots are still appearing, although secretly I am loving having her at home with me as she is so entertaining! <3  We have had so much fun learning her Jolly Phonics and her numbers (although as soon as her maths starts to get vaguely complicated I will have to pass her over to her daddy as maths really is not my forte!).

Today really is turning out to be a great day.  My daughter is sitting next to me doing her number work and in the world of Scentsy, it is just like Christmas Day.  If anyone reading this has been thinking about joining Scentsy then this really is such a good month to do it.  You will receive our transition starter kit which means you will receive the Autumn/Winter wax fragrance testers & catalogues, PLUS the new Spring/Summer 2013 wax fragrances and catalogues, so you will receive much more for your money.  It is also such a good time to join just before the launch of a new catalogue as customers (and of course consultants) are excited about which new warmers, wax and buddies there will be, plus new product lines.  When I joined Scentsy UK in October 2011, nobody had heard of Scentsy (including myself), I now have customers approaching me to purchase Scentsy products and to book parties.  Every day I get such a buzz from seeing just how far we have come already, just 15 months later.  This is the 3rd catalogue launch I have been part of since I joined Scentsy and the buzz surrounding it is far greater than I have ever experienced before.  As I type, our Scentsy websites are currently offline being updated and on our UK Scentsy Consultants Facebook group, everyone is sitting together (virtually of course) clock watching until 3pm when we (consultants) will get to see our new catalogue.  The products will not be on our websites to purchase until the 1 March 2013.  We have seen many “teasers” of what may be coming in the last few days and in just a few hours time all will be revealed!

When I joined Scentsy, I was not expecting the support I have received from other consultants.  There is a real team atmosphere and I speak daily, not only to my direct team, but also to members of my Director’s team and other consultants throughout the UK.  You are never made to feel alone and if you ever have a down day, everyone is there to help you.  I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else for a living now.

One common concern I receive from people considering joining Scentsy is the starter kit fee of £94 (including shipping).  Many websites say “don’t pay a fee for work at home jobs”.  Whilst I do agree 100% that there are a LOT of scams out there, Scentsy is not a job (and not a scam either when it comes to that lol).  When you join Scentsy you are starting a business.  Starting a business will always require an investment.  When investigating on the internet how much a typical business costs to start, a common figure was around £3,000.  Obviously it is hard to measure as every business has different costs.  With Scentsy, for your £94 investment you receive a complete kit of everything you need to start your business.  When you become an Independent Scentsy Consultant you are joining a company which is growing rapidly throughout the UK and Europe, Scentsy are continually evolving their products so you will never need to source quality products and reliable suppliers, this is all done for you.  For a small monthly fee (£10), Scentsy also provide you with your very own website which they manage and maintain for you.  When you join, Scentsy do not just “leave you to it”.  We have weekly conference calls which provides useful information and training.  You will also be provided with access to online training resources through your Scentsy website login.  As your sponsor, I will also provide you with continual training and support to help you start, develop and grow your Scentsy business.

Since I started this blog this morning, the UK consultants have now been able to view the new Scentsy Spring/Summer 2013 catalogue and all I can say is “wow”.  It was so much fun as my team were all online on our team page reading through the catalogue together.  When I stopped working in an office (to have my daughter) I really missed having colleagues, but although it’s all done online, it really doesn’t make any difference that we are not in the same room, I could still sense the enthusiasm and excitement for the new catalogue. I really wish I could fast-forward to the 1 March!!

This photo was taken at the Scentsy UK Conference in August 2012 in Leeds – the Scentsy UK family 🙂  I am there somewhere! x

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