How much does it cost to join Scentsy and become a consultant?

To join Scentsy and start your Scentsy sellers account you will need to purchase or earn yourself a starter kit. There are normally two kits to choose from. The standard kit is £85 and the value host kit is £50 in the UK.

Selling Scentsy on a budget:

There are ways to obtain the starter kit without any out-of-pocket costs. Please contact us for more information on this. Essentially, it means hosting a party, online or in person, using the host rewards from that party to cover the host starter kit cost. The kit effectively becomes free if you have more than £50 in host credit. Or you can use any credit you have towards the £50 price and just pay the difference. Learn more about our party rewards.

Now that you have a Scentsy Starter Kit, let’s explore how you can maintain and sell Scentsy without investing any money into your business:

  • No ongoing costs: Being a consultant incurs no ongoing costs. The workstation we use to place orders is completely free to use and does not have a monthly fee.
  • Free online marketing: Utilise social media platforms to market the products for free. Social media is an excellent way to create awareness and attract new customers.
  • Word-of-mouth sales: Talk to friends and family about the products and generate sales through word-of-mouth referrals. This only requires your time and effort.
  • Group together orders to earn yourself some host credit: Consolidate customer orders to earn host credit, which can be used to obtain wax bars which you can then use to create free sample packs or other products.
  • Wax fragrance testers: Constantly have your wax testers out with potential customers. Let the smelling do the selling!

Selling Scentsy with some financial investment in your business:

If you wanted to invest some money into your business, there are a few different options you could try (at any stage of your business):

  • With Scentsy you can have a website for £15 / $15 per month. This website is updated completely by Scentsy so there is no effort on your part. Any orders placed on your website will be directly shipped to your customers by Scentsy (you will of course earn the commission on those orders). The website will look the same as:-  . If you decide you will like to expand your business and create your own team, you would need to invest in this website to enable you to do this. Please note that for the £15 per month everything is done for you. The domain name, the hosting environment and the new products get automatically updated. You can also extend your website to another region where Scentsy operates for an additional monthly fee. This means you can grow your Scentsy team in any country Scentsy is open in. Learn more here with Scentsy Country Differences at a Glance:-
  • Paid advertising: Allocate a budget for sponsored posts or reels on social media platforms to increase your reach and engagement. You can also consider pay-per-click advertising to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Event participation: Invest in attending events, which can range from small-scale to larger events that require a significant financial commitment.
  • Customer referral reward program: Establish a customer referral reward program where you offer incentives to customers who refer others. Ensure you communicate these rewards on a one-on-one basis to comply with Scentsy rules.
  • Outsourced marketing: Hire a marketing agency to run digital advertisements on your behalf across various online platforms.
  • Professional website development: Engage a professional website developer to create an external Scentsy website that can drive more traffic to your paid Scentsy website.
  • Branding and advertising: Consider branding yourself and your vehicle with your business details. This can enhance visibility and promote your business.
  • Charity events: Participate in charity events where a percentage of your sales profits are donated to the charity. This can create a huge awareness for your business to those outside of your social circles.
  • Product samples: Purchase products to create samples or lend them out to potential customers for them to try before making a purchase.
  • Paid magazine features: Invest in being featured in local or nationwide magazines to increase your business brand awareness.

Please keep in mind that when consultants share commission pay slips, they may not account for the costs involved in generating those sales. For example, spending £7,000 on marketing in a month and receiving a commission payout of £7,000 doesn’t necessarily mean you have made a profit.

Also, in our opinion, having money to invest in your business does not necessarily mean you will be successful. In fact, some of the top-ranked consultants have started Scentsy on a budget and have still made it into a full-time business. Having a passion and love for the products will be better than spending vast amounts of money on advertising. Being authentic and showing a love for the products will help you build a healthy customer base and more than likely some of those customers will also like to try selling Scentsy too. That is where your team will build and you can potentially earn bonuses on team performance too.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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