Wow! Scentsy have done it again. The last Autumn Winter catalogue was amazing and Scentsy has managed to do it again and improve on their already hugely successful catalogue.

This year’s Spring Summer catalogue is titled “Connections” and that is exactly what fragrance brings. Have you smelled a fragrance that brings you straight back to your childhood? Have you picked up one of our Scentsy Bars and realised that it reminds you of a honeymoon or a great holiday you have been on. Coconut Lemongrass fragrance does just that for us, it reminds us of our honeymoon in Thailand. Our youngest daughter Bethany just loves the Scentsy Buddies with all their individual smells. Is it the Buddy itself that makes them so attractive or the fragrance that fills them or most likely a mixture of them both?

New Scentsy Wax Bars for Sping Summer 2022

So the new fragrances we have are just gorgeous. There are 10 new bars in total but we have some popular Spring Summer bars that have returned too, including Lychee Sorbet.

So what ones would we recommend? Well, the ones that have sold the most so far are – Coco(nuts) for Coconuts, Pineapple Mango, Pink Rhubarb Sugar & White Amber & Teak. A classic favourite that is back is that we are selling loads of is Lychee Sorbet

New Scentsy Warmers for Spring Summer 2022

Moving on to the Scentsy Warmers. Well, this season we are moving away from the whites and creams and being a bit bolder by adding some colour. Our top picks for bold colour are Birds of Paradise, Daydream Plugin, Summer Rain and What You Make It. We also have introduced the Wire You Blushing full size warmer that has the rose gold metal diamond shape frame that was previously only available as a mini warmer. This style warmer was very popular as a plugin and I’m sure it will be equally popular as a full size warmer. Our personal favourite warmer is the Night Sky Scentsy Warmer which has gone down very well with our customers too. So far as of today has been our best selling warmer. Its lovely detailed star design would look perfect in most spaces. Let us know your favourite warmer down in the comment section.

New Scentsy Diffuser for Spring Summer 2022

If diffusers and scented oils are your thing, then I think this may well be the best looking Scentsy Diffuser to date. You could get lost in its memorising swirling design. Set the diffusers to cycle through the colours automatically and enjoy the amazing display of light the diffusers gives. With almost instant fragrance with our Scentsy Oils, this diffuser is a luxury gift that keeps on giving. The Scentsy oils are just £14.50 and only a few drops are required per use so is a very economical way to fragrance your home or office. The Scentsy Diffusers was released in 2015 and we have a detailed page showing you all the benefits and operating details here.

Our personal favourite Disney Scentsy items are still in this catalogue.

New Scentsy Kids items for this catalogue are:

New Scentsy Laundry & Clean Fragrances for this catalogue are:

New Scentsy Body Fragrances for this catalogue are:

We also have the new Scentsy Club rewards programme too launched in this catalogue.

Get rewarded for using and sharing the products you love. With our new rewards and referrals programme, you earn points for your own Scentsy Club purchases, plus twice as many points from people you refer every time they receive a Club order!

· 1 point for every £1/€1 spent on your Scentsy Club subscription.
· 2 points for every £1/€1 spent by people you refer to Scentsy Club.

Redeem your points for discounts of up to 50% off future Scentsy Club purchases or orders.

Earn 25 points, get £1 off
Earn 500 points, get £20 off
Earn 1,000 points, get £40 off

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer. It’s as simple as sharing a unique link.

Would you like to see the new catalogue as if it’s right there in front of you in person then use this intuitive catalogue below?

With this online catalogue, you can shop directly from it by clicking on the products that interest you. You will then be taken to our website to purchase.

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