New 2022 Scentsy Club Reward Programme

New! Scentsy Club rewards programme for 2022

This new reward programme will be available from 1 February 2022

New! Scentsy Club rewards programme.

Get rewarded for using and sharing the products you love. With our new rewards and referrals programme, you earn points for your own Scentsy Club purchases, plus twice as many points from people you refer every time they receive a Club order!

· 1 point for every £1/€1 spent on your Scentsy Club subscription.
· 2 points for every £1/€1 spent by people you refer to Scentsy Club.

Redeem your points for discounts of up to 50% off future Scentsy Club purchases or orders.

Earn 25 points, get £1 off
Earn 500 points, get £20 off
Earn 1,000 points, get £40 off

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer. It’s as simple as sharing a unique link.

To start earning points on your referrals, log into your Scentsy Club account and go to the Rewards and Referrals tab to find your unique referral link to send to friends and family members, directing them to your Consultant’s Personal Website to set up their own club subscription.

What is the Scentsy Club rewards and referrals programme?
Scentsy Club rewards and referrals is a new programme to reward our most loyal customers. You earn points on your own subscription, and earn even more points when you refer friends and family members and they make a Scentsy Club purchase. Points can be redeemed for discounts on your Scentsy Club subscription or on non-Scentsy Club orders from your Consultant’s Personal Website.

What are the points worth?
Then, for every 25 points you earn, you can apply your points to get £1 off future Scentsy Club orders or any non-Scentsy Club order on your Consultant’s Personal Website.

How do I redeem my points?
Rewards and referrals points expire after 180 days. Scentsy will email you 30 days prior to any of your points expiring, so you don’t forget to use them!

When will I see points added to my account?
Rewards and referrals points are processed and added to your Scentsy Club account at the beginning of each month.

Are there any exclusions or limitations when redeeming points?
You are able to redeem rewards and referrals points on all Scentsy Club orders. You are not able to redeem points on licenced or charitable cause products in a non-Scentsy Club order. You can use your points to discount orders up to 50%, but you cannot pay for an item entirely with points. Points may not be applied toward shipping charges.

How do I refer friends and family to Scentsy Club?
To refer friends and family — and ensure they are recognised in your referral network, so you can earn points! — you will need to send them your unique referral link. To find your link, log in to your Scentsy Club account and navigate to the Rewards and Referrals tab. Copy the link and paste it into the messaging app of your choice or share via one of the methods provided. You must first agree to the terms and conditions to gain access to your unique referral link. Share this link as many times as you like!

How it works Scentsy Club rewards and referrals program

Curious about Scentsy Club rewards and referrals program? This step-by-step video explains how the rewards and referrals program works, including how to share Scentsy Club with your friends and family and how to cash in your points to discounts on future purchases.

Join Scentsy Club

Scentsy Club is the best way to buy Scentsy in the UK, with the 10% OFF all orders over £36 all year round and subscriptions you can pause or cancel. Many other perks are available like half-price items and the amazing Always Get My Bar.

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