Learn about Scentsy’s Go! Fragrance System in this FAQ.

Scentsy Go units are cordless, portable and lightweight, so they’re ready to “go” wherever you do, from your camper to your cubicle and beyond.

Scentsy Go begins emitting fragrance instantly. Simply add a Scentsy Pod or two and turn the unit on. Within seconds, your space will be filled with fragrance.

The rechargeable battery in a Scentsy Go provides up to 18 hours of travel-friendly fragrance when used in Eco mode with the LED lights on and up to 40 hours in Eco mode with the LED lights off. Scentsy Go Solid, when fully charged, lasts approximately 10 hours. Both charge easily with the included USB cord.

The original Scentsy Go’s battery still lasts approximately 40 hours when used in Eco mode with the lights off. Since customers typically operate this unit with the LED lights on, we changed the estimated battery life expectancy to reflect usage with the LED lights on.

Yes. The Scentsy Go original has a slightly longer battery life than the Scentsy Go Solid.

Scentsy Go and Scentsy Go Solid both include a USB cord for charging, but you’ll need to pair the cord with an adapter (not included) to plug into a wall outlet.

No. Scentsy Go comes with a band in your choice of two colours: rose gold or silver. Scentsy Go Solid comes with a solid white band. Bands are not sold separately.

Yes. The decorative wraps fit both the Scentsy Go and the Scentsy Go Solid. Wraps are sold separately.

Each wrap comes in two halves that are applied to either side of the unit like a sticker. Carefully align the end of one half along the edge of the unit band, and smooth the wrap around. Do the same with the second half on the other side. The adhesive on the wrap may eventually become permanent if the wrap is left on the unit for an extended period of time, so we recommend swapping out your wraps every 6 to 12 months.

Yes, they can be reused. We recommend keeping the back liner to store your wrap when not in use. Please keep in mind, as with any adhesive, contact with skin oils, dirt, etc. can negatively impact tackiness.

The Scentsy Go Solid has one fan function. The original Scentsy Go has two fan options: Normal and Eco mode. Eco mode provides on-and-off bursts of fragrance.

There are 7 LED colour options. You can either pause on your favourite colour or cycle through the full colour display. (Scentsy Go Solid does not have the LED feature.)

Both units are 14 cm tall and 7 cm in diameter.

Yes, there is a limited lifetime warranty for both units.

Not at this time.

No. Scentsy Pods are sold separately, in packs of two of the same fragrance. To ensure you never run out of your favourite Scentsy Pod fragrances, learn about Scentsy Club.

The Scentsy Go’s outer shell is made of polycarbonate, the top and bottom caps are polypropylene, and the trim is painted nylon. The Scentsy Go Solid’s outer shell, top, and bottom are made of polypropylene, and the trim is nylon.

Clean with a damp cloth. (Avoid solvents or alcohol.)

The operating temperature range is 32°F to 120°F (4°C to 35°C). Do not use or store Scentsy Go in temperatures outside of the operating range, and keep at a reasonable and safe distance from any heater, vent or register. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Yes. The FAA, EASA (EU), CATSA (CA), CASA (AU), and the CAA (NZ) restrict passengers from carrying electronic devices with lithium ion batteries over 100-watt hours. The Scentsy Go battery is 7.4-watt hours and the Scentsy Go Solid is 3.3-watt hours. Both units can be carried onto a passenger aircraft.

You can use any standard micro USB cord to charge either Scentsy Go.


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