When you become an Independent Scentsy Consultant, one of the things you will see talked about a lot is R1, R2 and R3.  I wanted to do a very quick explanation about what this terminology means because I know it can be a bit confusing when you become a consultant, but it is actually very easy to understand.

What Is Scentsy Region 1?
Region 1 consists of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

What Is Scentsy Region 2?
Region 2 consists of the UK and Europe.  As a break down, the countries Scentsy is open in Europe in are:-
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

Scentsy also ship to customers in Italy but unfortunately at this time, it is not open for consultants to join.

What Is Scentsy Region 3?
Region 3 consists of Australia and New Zealand.

What Do The Different Scentsy Regions Mean To Consultants?
Our regions are important to us because it signifies the countries that we can sell to customers in.  For example, I am in the UK, which means I am a Region 2 consultant.  Therefore, I can only sell to customers who live in my region. 

This of course also works for consultants in other regions.  For example, if Claire lived in Texas, USA, she can only sell to consultants living in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Can I Team Build In A Region That I Am Not Part Of?
Yes!  The great news is that although we cannot sell to customers outside of the regions we live in, we can however team build in any country that Scentsy is open in, regardless of the region.

So, for example, if my sister-in-law who lives in Sydney wanted to become a Scentsy Consultant, I can support her with her business, as she is able to join my team and become part of my Scentsy network.  Scentsy brings a big world close together through the magic of fragrance.

I hope this helps explain the Scentsy Regions, but if you do have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.

New Consultant awards (Shooting Star and Scentsational Start), Annual Sales Excellence, Annual Mentor, Director Consistency, Shining Star, Circle of Excellence and monthly awards for sales and sponsoring are all listed in the Consultant Guide you received in your Starter Kit. You can also download the latest Consultant Guide from the Training section of Scentsy Success on your Workstation.

To update the name used for your awards and recognition, go to the Account section of your Workstation, find the Awards section and click “Edit.” Enter and save your updates to be used on future awards and recognition.**If an award name is not entered, your account name will be used for all awards and recognition. Please refrain from the use of Consultant titles or icons in your award name, including hearts, emojis, stars, etc.

Is a reinstated Consultant eligible to earn Shooting Star and Scentsational Start?No. These are one-time awards, reserved for brand new Scentsy Consultants. Consultants who were previously enroled as a Velata or Grace Adele Consultant and have chosen to enrol as a Scentsy Consultant for the first time can earn the Shooting Star Award as a Scentsy Consultant. They do not get the opportunity to earn the Scentsational Start Award again. This was intended to be a one-time award across all brands.

Earned product credits are issued when commissions process for the month in which the award qualification period ended. For example, if a Consultant earns Shooting Star on 29 April and their 15th day is 4 May, their Sponsor’s product credit for the Shooting Star Trainer Award would be issued on or around 10 June, when May commissions process.

You will earn pins or charms for Lifetime Personal Retail Volume (LPRV) achievements of 10,000; 50,000; 100,000; and 500,000. You will also receive a congratulatory email from the home office for LPRV achievements of 10,000; 50,000; 100,000; 500,000; and one million.

We begin shipping annual awards after Scentsy Family Reunion (SFR). Historically, they ship in late August or early September.

Historically, annual award bonuses are funded in mid-June, or about a month prior to SFR.

Who is eligible for recognition at Scentsy Family Reunion (SFR)

Each year, we recognise Consultants who achieve the following awards and promotions:
• Scentsational Start Award (1 May – 30 April)
• Annual Sales Excellence (1 May – 30 April)
• Annual Mentor (1 May – 30 April)
• New Directors (who promoted since the previous SFR)
• New Star Directors (who promoted since the previous SFR)
• New SuperStar Directors (who promoted since the previous SFR)
• 5-Year, 10-Year and 15-Year Consultants (1 July – 30 June)
Event recognition may be onstage, onscreen, standing recognition or posted in the recognition gallery, depending on the category. May be subject to additional requirements, such as a current account status and being registered for SFR. All Consultant achievers regardless of registration will be recognised in the News section of Scentsy Success on your Workstation. Scentsy reserves the right to change the type of recognition offered by category as necessary each year.

What ribbons are given for SFR?
Each year for SFR, we typically send ribbons for certain awards and promotions that attach to your lanyard, so you can wear them at the event. Check the event registration for specific details on which ribbons will be included each year.

If I achieved SFR recognition during a virtual event year, will I still be recognised at the next in-person event?
UK-IE-EN4We will do our best to recognise achievers who missed out on in-person recognition due to virtual-only events. For in-person events with optional virtual attendance, those Consultants who choose virtual registration will not be recognised again at the next in-person event they choose to attend.

What awards are there for Scentiversaries?
If you attend SFR the year you achieve a 5-, 10- or 15-year Scentiversary, you may be recognised at the event, whether onstage, onscreen, standing in the audience or listed in the recognition gallery onsite.

Do I receive a gift for my 10-year Scentiversary?
Consultants who attend SFR the year they earn their 10-year achievement will receive their choice of commemorative gift (butterfly pin or keychain) at the event. This achievement is based on a 1 July-30 June recognition year and it’s only offered to SFR attendees.*If you are unable to attend SFR the year you are being recognised due to extenuating circumstances, please submit a support request to Awards on your Workstation. See below.

How do I submit a nomination for the Alice Kalilimoku Shining Star Award?
We’ll post an article in the News section of Scentsy Success on your Workstation with directions and a survey link. All nominations must be received by 30 April to be considered in the selection process.

Will my Shining Star nomination be shared with the Consultant I nominated?
Yes! We want all nominees to hear all the great things said about them. After Shining Stars are announced at SFR, we email all nominees the letters we received for them.

Leader awardsWhat are Director Consistency Bonuses?
Director Consistency Bonuses reward Directors who consistently meet Director qualifications for three or six consecutive months. The award for this bonus is an opportunity for new and existing Directors to receive free registration to Scentsy Family Reunion (SFR) and the SFR Leadership event.

How does a Consultant earn Director Consistency Bonuses?
Each bonus may be earned once during a Consultant’s lifetime:1. Once a new or existing Director has met the rank requirements of Director for three consecutive months, they earn free registration for the next SFR.2. Once a new or existing Director has met the rank requirements of Director for six consecutive months, they earn free registration for the next SFR Leadership event. Six-month achievers who attend a Leadership event also currently receive a custom three-piece set of Scentsy luggage following the event. See additional guidelines for claiming luggage below.

Who is eligible to earn Director Consistency Bonuses?
All new and existing Directors and above are eligible to earn the three-month and six-month bonuses. Each bonus may only be earned once during a Consultant’s lifetime. Bonuses will not be applied retroactively.

When do earned Director Consistency Bonuses need to be used?
Once a bonus is earned, the Consultant will have 12 months to use their free event registration. They will be allowed to defer registration for the earned event only once, if unable to attend in that 12-month period. Standard event exceptions, such as a death in the family or military deployment, will not count as that single deferral.

Does a Consultant need to be eligible to attend the event to redeem a Director Consistency Bonus?
Yes. A Consultant must be eligible to attend the event in every other way to redeem a bonus.

How will a Consultant be notified of an earned Director Consistency Bonus and what steps do they need to take to claim it?
A Consultant will receive an email upon qualifying for a Director Consistency Bonus notifying them that a voucher has been applied to their account that can be redeemed when they register for SFR Leadership.

Does a Consultant have to attend a Leadership event to claim their luggage?
Yes. The luggage will automatically be sent to the Consultant after the SFR Leadership event is over, as long as they apply the Leadership voucher to their registration. It will arrive within four months of the event, and there is no need to contact Scentsy to claim it.

Can the bonus be used for the Retreat for Leaders event instead?
No. The six-month bonus can only be applied to the cost of registration for the SFR Leadership event. However, a Consultant who has earned the six-month bonus and attends the Retreat for Leaders is eligible to receive the luggage set after the event.

How does a Consultant claim their luggage after attending the Retreat for Leaders?

The Consultant must email awards@scentsy.com or submit a support request on the Workstation within 30 days of the event, requesting the luggage. Scentsy will send the luggage within four months of that request.Please note: Each Consultant is only eligible to receive one set of Scentsy luggage, even if they attend more than one Leadership event.

If a Consultant chooses to redeem their Scentsy luggage after the Retreat for Leaders, can the free registration voucher still be applied to the SFR Leadership event?
Yes. The Consultant will still be allowed to redeem their voucher for free SFR Leadership event registration, even if they’ve already claimed their luggage. The bonus will be held to the same 12-month deadline and no additional luggage will be sent following the event.

If I am a Circle of Excellence member, how do I redeem my free event registrations?
Circle of Excellence members have vouchers automatically added to their registrations to use for their free events. Once you register, you can select the voucher from the menu to redeem.UK-IE-EN7

There are two incentives each year — do Circle of Excellence members receive extra rewards for both?
The Circle of Excellence awards include one free incentive trip each calendar year, for the incentive that typically launches in July or August. No additional rewards are automatically given for other incentives.

Pay Portal is the electronic account where all your commissions and bonuses are deposited. You can then transfer funds from your Pay Portal to up to two bank accounts.

Yes. Pay Portal is the only way to receive your commissions and bonuses.

Scentsy contracts with a third party to administer commission and bonus funding internationally. Our provider offers a Scentsy-specific customer support team and website (scentsypay.com) for Consultants, which ensures great service and support for all Consultants, regardless of where they live.

Your Pay Portal is created when you enrol. Once your Pay Portal has been created, you’ll receive an account activation email from Pay Portal with a link to begin the activation process.

Go to scentsypay.com and click on Resend Activation Email.

Pay Portal accounts are funded on the 11th day of every month. If the 11th falls on a weekend or holiday, the Pay Portal account will be funded the next business day.

Yes. Your commissions and bonuses will be funded to your Pay Portal account regardless of whether it has been activated. However, you’ll need to activate your account to access your funds or transfer them to your checking or savings account.

Yes. You must earn at least £30/€30 before your money will appear in your Pay Portal. If you don’t meet this minimum requirement, your commissions will remain in a holding ledger until you earn additional commissions to reach or exceed the £30/€30 minimum, at which time, the full balance will be funded to your Pay Portal.

No. You must have a bank account to receive commission payments.

Yes! The Auto Transfer feature will allow you to automatically transfer funds from your Pay Portal to up to two registered bank accounts. Once you’ve set it up, the transfer will happen automatically every month.

Funds cashed out to a linked bank account will typically be available within three to five business days. Since bank policies vary, be sure to check with your bank to determine how long you can expect to wait before accessing funds.

Yes. The Pay Portal website is mobile friendly, or you can download the free mobile app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. Just search for “Scentsy Pay.” Use the website or app to:• Check your Pay Portal balance• View your transaction history, or• Initiate transfers to previously saved bank accounts.Please note: Using the mobile website or app is subject to the data rates charged by your mobile service provider. Scentsy is not responsible for these charges

No. No one at Pay Portal or Consultant Support will have access to your password or be able to help you retrieve it.

Yes. However, there must be enough money in your Pay Portal account to cover the entire order.

Please email support@scentsypay.com, or go to scentsypay.com for customer support phone numbers.

What is the Scent and Warmer of the Month programme?
Scent and Warmer of the Month offers a new fragrance and warmer each month at a 10% discount, providing a great reason for you to reach out to your customers regularly with an awesome deal.

What are the Scent of the Month (SOTM) and Scent and Warmer of the Month (SWOTM) kits?
Each kit allows you to get your hands on the products and promote them before they go on sale to customers.

What is included in the Scent and Warmer of the Month (SWOTM) and Scent of the Month (SOTM) kits?
The SWOTM Kit includes:
• The Warmer of the Month
• Eight Scentsy Bars
• One pack of 72 Scented Stickers

The SOTM Kit includes:

  • Eight Scentsy Bars
  • One pack of 72 Scented Stickers
    A digital SWOTM flyer is available on your Personal Website.

When can I purchase the SWOTM or SOTM Kit?
You can sign up to purchase the Scent of the Month and Scent and Warmer of the Month kits from the
1st through the 28th of the month prior to their promotion period. (For example, you can sign up for the
May SWOTM from 1-28 April.) The sign-up period for February is the 1st through the 26th.

How do I subscribe to the SWOTM and SOTM programmes?
Go to the Account section of your Workstation, then select Websites and Subscriptions. You can also
edit your subscription here.

When will SWOTM and SOTM kits ship?
SWOTM and SOTM kits are processed and shipped on the 10th of each month. (If this falls on a
weekend, it will be processed the following Monday.) If you sign up before the 10th, your kit will ship
the 10th. If you do not sign up before the 10th, your kit will ship once it has been processed by our
shipping department.

How much are the SWOTM and SOTM kits?
SWOTM Kit pricing can vary from month to month, depending on the warmer included in the kit. The
SOTM Kit is £42/€51.

Do I earn PRV from SWOTM/SOTM kits?
Yes. SWOTM Kit PRV can vary from month to month, depending on the warmer included in the kit. You
earn 35 PRV for each SOTM Kit.

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