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How To Succeed With Scentsy’s 4 Chords To Success

Looking For Help On How To Succeed As A Scentsy Consultant?

Look No Further!  This Presentation By Scentsy CEO Orville Thompson Provides Proven Steps In Helping Your Scentsy Business Grow.

At a keynote speech some years ago now Orville, used a song writing / musical analogy to explain that successful songs which seem unique and complex, are actually all based on the same simple, underlying pattern.  It’s called 4 chord theory.  The fact is that many famous songs have what’s known as ‘the 4 chord progression’ as their basis.  4 simple chords (with 3 notes in each chord) that when played together make everything work in harmony.  Orville then explained the four chords to be successful in your Scentsy business.

You can watch the keynote speech here:

Chord Number 1

Do Home & Basket Parties

  • Note 1 – Establish a consistent pattern of selling.  Parties are MORE important to your business because they provide consistent and reliable ‘I can do that’ moments.
  • Sales at fairs, shows, PWS, or single sales, are NOT equal in importance, to basket or home parties.  They are complimentary.  But they are not equal in terms of building a successful business.
  • Note 2 – Keep the parties simple.  You want to create ‘I can do that’ moments for hosts and guests.  By keeping the parties simple and coaching the host to succeed, you will be most successful in growing your Scentsy business.
  • Note 3 – Enter 500prv (£600 aud) in monthly sales and continue with this.  You want to build a set of hosts and customers that allow you to sell at least 500prv consistently every month.  That’s the magic number that pays out bonuses on your downline.

RESEARCH: What is the optimal number of parties?  Research on the average number of parties successful consultants do each month (successful consultant = those who title matched their rank for pay purposes consistently, month after month, over a year):

2 x Home Parties.

2 x Basket Parties.

Or 4 parties in total each month.

Plus strive to average 5 ordering customers at those parties, so this gives 20 ordering customers a month from home and basket parties.  Build to that number consistently.

This number is the same for consultants, directors and SSDs.  It’s a KEY success factor.

20 ordering customers from home parties = easily meet the 500prv.  When that’s consistently happening, 500prv is no longer a goal, its something that just ‘happens’ and you’ve successfully built your business to that level!

In fact so long as you regularly schedule 4 parties each month and get 20 ordering customers, you’re far more likely to manage the 2000prv (£2,400) in monthly sales needed to receive the 5% personal bonus.

You don’t need to push too much past 2000prv a month.  Don’t turn customers away… but in terms of your Scentsy business development and success, you are better off focussing on the other 3 sectors/chords of your business if you have achieved 2000+ prv in a month.

‘Once you have a system in place to consistently get over 2000prv a month in sales, you can focus your time working on other ‘chords.  Let additional sales come to you – don’t spend time seeking higher sales, until you have the other 3 chords mastered.  You want to write a 4 chord song – you are not just trying to get experience at playing one chord.’

Chord Number 2

Sponsor New Consultants

  • Note 1 – Don’t focus on sales to the exclusion of sponsoring as both are needed to build your business.
  • Note 2 – Share your brand, EVERYWHERE.  Think of the opportunity to become a consultant as a blessing.  It could be just what someone needs in their lives.  You can bring something life changing, positive and wonderful to people’s lives.  Think of it as welcoming with open arms, anyone who is willing to give it a shot, and support them to do it.  You just never know whose life you’re going to change forever and the opportunities it will bring to them.
  • Note 3 – Be Generous.  Offer to give the host their party if they sign up as a new consultant.  It will benefit your business more in the long run, than holding on to the commission from that party.

RESEARCH:  Average number of consultants that successfully sponsor each month (successful consultant = someone whose rank and title match month after month):

Star Consultants: Sponsor and average of 1 new consultant every 2 months.

Directors: Sponsor an average of 1 new consultant every 6 weeks.

SSDs: Sponsor and average of 1 new consultant every 3 weeks.

Therefore a good goal is to share the Scentsy opportunity with enough people to sponsor 1 new consultant every month (consistently).

1-2 new consultants a month allows you to train teach and nurture them to success.  Don’t make the mistake of sponsoring at a level you can’t support.  You create disappointed consultants and it doesn’t help your business.  While you are learning to master the business and get your systems working well, keep your number Consistent and Manageable.

Shift your energies to another chord, and learn to master all 4 before expanding your sponsoring efforts.  This is part of the key to success.

Chord Number 3

Provide Great Customer Service

  • Note 1 – Delight your customers and consultants with great customer service.  Exceed their expectations.  Show them you care.  Go the extra mile.  Give more than you take.  This creates loyal customers that become regular hosts, and regular hosts that become consultants.
  • Note 2 – Communicate often and effectively.  Communication is KEY to customers and your downline.  Most customers are happiest when they are kept up to date with the status of their orders and can set their expectations accordingly.  Frontline team members are no different.  Fear and negativity result when you don’t share information effectively.
  • Note 3 – Nurture future leaders with a positive attitude and good training.  Learn to teach and train.  Learn to nurture and inspire them.  Expect them to do great things.  Reward and praise them if they set a goal and achieve it.  Do not reward performance as that creates winners and losers.  Seek for co-operation and generosity among your team.

RESEARCH: A great way to measure your success in nurturing future leaders in by tracking the number of promotions in your team.  You need 3 personal promotions to advance to Star Consultant. 5 to advance to Director and 7 to advance to SuperStar Director (consider the other levels as pit stops).  However, this only tells a little of YOUR story.

Research was done on how many total TEAM promotions are needed on average, to promote to a title and STAY there (title=rank each month for commission purposes).

To reach Star Consultant and stay there (title = rank month after month) it takes on average 10 team promotions.  That’s your 3 promotions, plus 7 promotions from your downline.

To reach Director and stay there (title = rank month after month) it takes about 40 team promotions.  That’s 5 from you and 35 from your downline.

FOCUS ON TEAM PROMOTIONS AND THE REST OF YOUR QUALIFICATIONS TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES (when you hit director, if you work to ensure you have a total of 40 team promotions, you are not going to have to stress about hitting your numbers each month to get paid as a director).

To reach and get paid monthly as a SSD it takes about 160 team promotions and 4 breakaway Directors (who each have 40 team promotions ensuring they hit their Director rank each month).  In other words 320 team promotions to become and remain and SSD (for pay purposes).  Your 7 and 313 others.

These are averages. There are efficient ways to get there and inefficient ways to get there… this is where training helps a LOT.

Nurturing team members to promotions – you don’t need to recruit as many.

Is it better to nurture 40 to Certified, or 4 to Star?  Both earn you 40 team promotions.  One consultant has focussed on doing it herself, one has focussed on doing it by helping others succeed.  Which consultant has to work harder?  Which is more efficient.

Chord Number 4

Improve Yourself

  • Note 1 – Take the time to take care of yourself.  Wellness.  Be fit and full of energy so you can realise you full potential.  Exercise, eat well, get a full nights sleep.
  • Note 2 – Make weak things become strong.  Find something in you that you feel is a weakness and make it a strength.
  • Note 3 – Contribute more than you take.  Key to your success!  Be motivated by love.  Have a spirit of abundance about you.  Be positive and generous.

This is the proven method.  It works.  Do this.  Don’t do anything else.  Trust this system.  Regular repeating of these will lead to advancement in the business.


New – Star.

Star – Director.

Director – SuperStar Director.

Yes there are other titles by make your goals from one of those titles to another.

Give all 4 chords equal emphasis.  You cant skip any.  Balance is important.

Being a Scentsy consultant is like making lemonade:

To do it right you need the right amount of lemons, sugar, water and ice.

Not enough lemons you get cold sugar-water.

Not enough sugar – you get lemon juice.

No water – you get sugared lemons.

No ice and its not cold enough to call lemonade.

We are NOT in the business of hoarding lemons or controlling the sugar market.

Don’t hoard and control and obsess about aspects of the business or what other consultants are doing or not doing… just – make YOUR lemonade.  Balance!!  Do a bit of everything and learn to do it well.  Don’t gather lemons – make lemonade and teach others to make lemonade  (a successful Scentsy business).

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