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Cream Diamond Scentsy Warmer

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)


Glistening diamond shapes adorn a dreamy glass shade, casting lovely, speckled patterns of light in classic cream.

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Scentsy Diamond Cream Lampshade Lightbulb Warmer

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Each of our Scentsy Warmers are supplied with a lifetime guarantee when purchased from an Independent Scentsy Consultant like myself.

Scentsy Warmers are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Any Warmer found to be defective or damaged under normal use and care will be replaced with the same, or comparable, product at Scentsy’s discretion.

What are Scentsy Warmers?

Scentsy warmers use an electric heating plate or a bulb to melt specially formulated scented wax melts. Once melted, the wax reaches just above body temperature.

Our warmers available in a range of styles, with different lighting effects, or no glow at all.  In the warmers which operate with a heating plate, the lighting is omitted by LED’s inside.  For the lampshade warmers which use an Edison lightbulb, the guarantee does not cover the bulb, but you can purchase a replacement bulb on this website.

How Does A Scentsy Warmer Work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.  Simply plug your Scentsy warmer into the mains (each warmer is supplied with a UK or European plug as required).
2.  Place the dish on the heating plate (or over the top of the bulb as applicable).  Break off one to two cubes of your wax and place in the dish.
3.  Turn it on at the back of the warmer and enjoy the fragrance as it fills your room.

How Does A Scentsy Warmer Work?







Is Scentsy safe to use around my children? Yes!

Scentsy warmers have no wick, no flame and produce no soot. Our high quality food grade paraffin wax scented bars are slowly melted using a warming plate while producing some of the most vibrant fragrances available! Because our warmers do not get hot and Scentsy bars are non-toxic they are safe to use around children and pets.

Let’s compare Scentsy Vs Candle Jar running costs


Month 1:- £43.25 (Warmer & Wax)

Month 2:- £7.25 (Bar of Wax)

Month 3:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 4:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 5:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 6:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 7:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 8:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 9:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 10:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 11:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Month 12:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax)

Total Spend Year 1:- £123

Total Spend Year 2:- £210

Candle Jar

Month 1:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 2:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 3:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 4:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 5:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 6:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 7:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 8:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 9:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 10:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 11:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Month 12:- £19.99 (Candle Jar)

Total Spend Year 1:- £239.88

Total Spend Year 2:- £479.76


Month 1:- -£23.26

Month 2:- -£10.52

Month 3:- £2.22

Month 4:- £14.96

Month 5:- £27.70

Month 6:- £40.44

Month 7:- £53.18

Month 8:- £65.92

Month 9:- £78.66

Month 10:- £91.40

Month 11:- £104.14

Month 12:- £116.88

Total Saving Year 1:- £116.88

Total Saving Year 2:- £269.76

Based on one Scentsy Bar per month 80-100 Hours of fragrance and Medium Candle Jar per month burn time of 65-90 Hours – Prices correct as of May 2018.


Glistening diamond shapes adorn a dreamy glass shade, casting lovely, speckled patterns of light in classic cream.

4 reviews for Cream Diamond Scentsy Warmer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    My all time favourite warmer, it’s pretty, cozy and warming. Gives off a beautiful light and makes my living room look amazing. Even when it isn’t on it draws attention to itself xx

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lynsey Whitehead

    This is the most amazing warmer the pictures really don’t do it justice makes a fab night light too I have had so many compliments about it.

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  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought this for my Mum, I decided to try it before I gave it to her, what a mistake. Sorry Mum x. It’s so pretty and leaves beautiful shadows on the wall. I love it.

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  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carol Nicholl

    Bought this beautiful warmer recently and I have to say it’s my favourite so far. Lights up beautifully and throws off quite a bit of light it could easily work as a lamp. The design pattern also adds to its beauty.

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