Scentsy UK Top 10 Spring Summer Catalogue Items By Quantity

Windowsill Breeze has been so popular with our customers too.

Scentsy UK Top 10 Spring Summer Catalogue Items By Value

The Scentsy Go in silver is right up there mainly because of our great bundle offer on this currently. View our bundle deal here.

Scentsy UK Top 10 Spring-Summer Catalogue Items by value 2019.jpg

Scentsy Disney Aladdin Sales

An incredible fragrance experience with this Disney Aladdin set.
It has come as no suprise to me that Europe has sold nearly 34,000 bars in total so far!

Scentsy Disney Aladdin Sales 2019.jpg

Scentsy #NoLimits Collection Sales

Another amazing collection that has seen sales of over 42,000 bars! Incredible. The #NoLimits collection is still available as a set minus the phone pop socket.

Scentsy #No-Limit Sales 2019.jpg

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