March is the ideal time to kickstart your Scentsy business with an amazing offer! For only £30, you’ll receive a comprehensive starter kit, and for just £30, you can sign up and get started right away.

What is in the Scentsy Escential Starter Kit?

Here’s what new Consultants will receive in their Escential Scentsy Starter Kit kit:

  • Crowned in Gold Mini Warmer
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • Coconut Lemongrass Scented Stickers
  • Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Scented Stickers
  • Spring/Summer 2023 Fragrance Tester Sample Pack (one pack of 25)
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Spring/Summer 2023 Catalogues (one pack of 5)

Why Choose Us, As Your Sponsor?

We would love you to join our team, but why should you choose as as your sponsors?

When you join Scentsy, you choose who you would like to be your Scentsy sponsor.  A sponsor is someone who supports and guides you with your Scentsy business.  So what can we offer you as your sponsor?

  • An active team page on Facebook where support is there from not only us as your sponsors but also the rest of the team members as well.
  • Specialist team groups concentrate on different stages of your business.
  • A 10-day video training plan from the day you join covering a wide variety of subjects in launching your business.
  • We work our Scentsy business full-time which means we are here for you virtually every day if you need us.
  • We are an international team with members in the UK
    (including Northern Ireland), the USA, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • We are a fun, pressure-free team of consultants who share one common passion, our Scentsy businesses and we are all there to help each other reach our goals.

Are you ready to start your own Scentsy business?   Sound scary?  Let me put any concerns you have aside:-

  • You will be selling amazing products that are a safe alternative to scented candles. The Scentsy wax is melted at a low temperature so are safe around children and pets.
  • Full support and training provided by us if you choose us as your sponsors.  You will join a friendly, active and supportive team.
  • Ongoing training provided by Scentsy & the chance to win incentive trips.
  • Day to day support from us as your sponsors and the opportunity to earn team incentives.
  • No need for a card machine! The Scentsy workstation will process customer cards completely commission free.
  • No need to hold stock. The starter kit your receive when joining really is all you need to launch your business.
  • Your own FREE website for the first 3 months (and then the option to continue after then for only £15 a month). This is not to be confused with your workstation (where you place your customer orders online) that is free for all consultants!
  • Minimal investment – only £50 to join Scentsy with the Value Starter Kit. Or the full starter kit is only £94 (including £9 shipping) to join Scentsy.
  • If Scentsy is not for you, you can leave at any time with no fees and the starter kit is yours to keep.  You can also rejoin for free! (you can only buy the Scentsy starter kit once).  To rejoin please contact me here.

Did You Know?

Some Great Reasons To Join Scentsy

The Scentsy Starter Kit is yours to keep
No stock holding requirements
You earn commission on all of your orders
There are no fees to remain a consultant and you can walk away at anytime
No need to obtain a card reader as you can process customers card payments via the Scentsy Workstation without any fees
Full support from our group “Written in the stars” as well as full support and training from Scentsy
Lots of perks from earning half-price items and product credit to once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

February 2024 Transition Scentsy Starter Kit

Unlock a double treat this February! Receive the current season’s catalogues and testers, and also get a new pack of Spring/Summer 2024 catalogues and fragrance testers. The new catalogue will launch next month. Double the joy, double the excitement!
Everything you need to start your business and join Scentsy.
£85 / $99 USD / $129 CAD / $150 AUD / $169 NZD / 99€

Scentsy February 2024 Join Offer

Consultants who join in February receive Scentsy Bathroom Cleaner and Counter Clean

New Consultants can get a jump on spring cleaning when they join in February! We’re including extra Scentsy Clean products in their Transition Starter Kit:

Lemon Squeeze Bathroom Cleaner & Lemon Squeeze Counter Clean

Kit contents
Scentsy Independent Consultant Merchandise Sacks
Scentsy Independent Consultant Mini Zip Sacks
Scentsy Starter Kit Insulated Tote
The Art of Fragrance training kit
Customer Order Form UK-EN
Host & Join Brochure Autumn/Winter 2023 UK/IE – English
United Kingdom/Ireland English – Scentsy Catalogues Autumn/Winter 2023
United Kingdom/Ireland English – Scentsy Product Lists Autumn/Winter 2023
Scentsy Spring/Summer 2024 Catalogue UK/IE – English
Invitation Postcard English
Thank You Postcard English
Classic Curve Felt Samples (Pack of 100)
Samples – Body, Clean, Laundry
Scented Stickers – Coconut Lemongrass
Oil Scented Stickers – Eucalyptus Lavender Mint
Oil Sample Sticker Twinkle Twinkle
Wax Scented Stickers Luna
Fragrance Tester Autumn/Winter Full Set
Fragrance Tester Spring/Summer Transition Set
Amazon Rain Scentsy Car Bar
Amazon Rain Scentsy Pod Twin Pack
Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
Classic Curve – Gloss Gray Warmer
Luna Scentsy Bar
Mini Fan Diffuser – Slate
Vanilla Bean Buttercream Travel Twist
Vanillamint Counter Clean
Quick Start Guide Folder (English)
Lemon Squeeze Bathroom Cleaner
Lemon Squeeze All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
Actual contents are subject to change without notice.


Results may not be typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure provided by Scentsy.
Income Disclosure
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