Love to fragrance your house? Looking for a safer way than having a naked flame in your house?

Scentsy offers a cheaper, longer lasting and safer alternative to scented candle jars.

Scentsy wax is warmed as opposed to burned, and has many benefits:-

  • No flame so a lot safer than traditional scented candles.
  • Clean walls and ceilings with no soot, smoke or toxins released.
  • Longer lasting as the fragrance is released at a lower temperature. Only Scentsy wax is made this way as they have the patent.
  • Scentsy products DO NOT contain harmful VOCs
  • Scentsy products DO only contain safe ingredients

So how does Scentsy work? The Scentsy System

Our warmers are as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply plug it in, place one or two cubes of your chosen Scentsy wax in the dish, turn it on and enjoy.

In the UK & Europe, the warmers use a heating element or light bulb to melt the wax and the element warmers use separate LEDs to light the warmer.

Most of the warmers are rated at only 18w so are very cost effective to run in your home.

Scentsy warmers also come with a lifetime guarantee.

How Scentsy Warmer & Wax Works

Is Scentsy safe to use around my children? Yes!

Scentsy warmers have no wick, no flame and produce no soot. Our high quality food grade paraffin wax scented bars are slowly melted using a warming plate while producing some of the most vibrant fragrances available! Because our warmers do not get hot and Scentsy bars are non-toxic they are safe to use around children and pets.

Let’s compare Scentsy Vs Candle Jar running costs

Scentsy Candle Jar Savings
Month 1:- £43.25 (Warmer & Wax) Month 1:- £19.99 (Candle Jar) Month 1:- -£21.26
Month 2:- £7.25 (Bar of Wax) Month 2:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 2:- -£6.52
Month 3:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 3:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 3:- £8.22
Month 4:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 4:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 4:- £22.96
Month 5:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 5:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 5:- £37.70
Month 6:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 6:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 6:- £52.44
Month 7:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 7:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 7:- £67.18
Month 8:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 8:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 8:- £81.92
Month 9:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 9:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 9:- £96.66
Month 10:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 10:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 10:- £111.40
Month 11:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 11:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 11:- £126.14
Month 12:- £7.25 (Bar Of Wax) Month 12:- £21.99 (Candle Jar) Month 12:- £140.88
Total Spend Year 1:- £123 Total Spend Year 1:- £263.88 Total Saving Year 1:- £140.88
Total Spend Year 2:- £210 Total Spend Year 2:- £527.76 Total Saving Year 2:- £317.76

Based on one Scentsy Bar per month 80-100 hours of fragrance and one Medium Candle Jar per month burn time of 65-75 hours – Prices correct as of February 2022

*Scentsy warmer energy use.  52p per month based on Alabaster Warmer 25w,  hundred hours use per month at 20.8 Pence Per Kwh (Current price cap until 31 March 2022)
** 80-100 Hours Scentsy fragrance per month vs 65-75 hours from a candle jar

Scentsy Fragrances

Scentsy has a huge range of fragrances, over 80 plus an amazing range of warmers too.

Please click on one of the below fragrance categories to explore our scents.

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