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New Scentsy Deluxe Diffuser

Where Form Meets Function

Our Deluxe Diffusers prove you can have it all with its stylish minimal
design, smart, ultrasonic technology and even a lifetime warranty.

Scentsy Deluxe Diffuser Features

The new Scentsy Deluxe Diffuser uses the same technology as the current premium Diffuser but now has a much larger reservoir. There are two mist settings one a long mode that will last approximately 27-30 hours and high mist mode that will last 14-17 hours.

The Deluxe Diffuser is very easy to use with the two dials and a bleep confirming your settings. The top dial is the light dial and is for a lighting effect only so will not affect the fragrance at all. You can have it set to off or one of the 7 colours of a rainbow effect where it will slowly change from one colour to the next in a never-ending loop.

Scentsy Deluxe Diffuser
It sits 16 cm tall and the minimalistic design will fit with most modern homes.

At just £79 / €95 it is somewhat cheaper than our premium Diffusers but has the same scent throw and the use of the same technology. (Ultrasonic Nebulizer)

Purchase yours from 1st February 2020 here

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