Reach For The Beach Scentsy Incentive 2019

Reach for the Beach! Scentsy 2019 Incentive Trip To Mexico January 2019

Get your year off to an AMAZING start by working to earn the 2019 Incentive Trip: Reach for the Beach! 

From 1 February through 31 July 2018, you can rack up points to earn an all-expenses-paid trip to a luxurious resort in Mexico, from 7-11 January 2019 (travel days are 7 and 11 January), for you and up to one guest. 

Earn points through sales, sponsoring, personal promotions, Scentsational Start, being paid at title and more. And to help you with your sponsoring efforts, every Consultant who joins in February 2018 will receive 1,000 points toward earning the trip after they submit their first qualifying party order during the incentive period! 

Want to know how YOU can Reach for the Beach? Watch our incentive trip announcement video 

Scentsy Incentive Trip 2019 FAQ

Who is eligible?
All Consultants worldwide are eligible to earn the incentive trip, which will take place in January 2019.

When is the qualification period?
Consultants can earn incentive trip points from midnight PT 1 February 2018, to 11:59 p.m. PT 31 July
2018 (8 a.m. GMT 1 February 2018, to 7:59 a.m. BST 1 August 2018). The deadline for orders to count
toward your Personal Retail Volume (PRV) is 11:59 p.m. PT 31 July 2018 (7:59 a.m. BST 1 August 2018).
Promotion points will be finalised when commissions are run, and are subject to change until that time.
How many points do I need to qualify?

How many points do I need to qualify?
How do I earn a trip?
Earn points toward your trip through sales, sponsoring, personal promotions, earning Scentsational Start,
helping frontline Consultants earn Scentsational Start, being paid at title and more.
Here are the ways to earn points toward your incentive:

Monthly sales
For every point you earn in PRV, you will earn one (1) point toward your incentive trip! One point
in PRV = 1 point. But, be aware that there are also non-PRV point requirements for each level.
Building Your Team
Consultants must be in your frontline for you to receive sponsoring points. Frontline Consultants
must earn at least 1,000 PRV and promote to Certified Consultant between 1 February 2018, and
31 July 2018, for them to count toward your incentive trip points.

Note: You will earn sponsoring points from reinstated, restored and roll-up frontline Consultants
who reach Certified Consultant for the first time during the qualification period.

Personal promotions
The first time you promote to the following titles during the qualification period, you’ll earn
points for your trip!

*Entry title is your title at the beginning of the incentive qualification period. See “How are paidat-title
points calculated?” in the FAQ for more details. (To be eligible for these points, you must
have been enrolled as a Consultant and had the title of Lead Consultant or above as of
31 January 2018).

Paid at title (monthly)

February Join Promo
Consultants who join Scentsy between midnight PT 1 February 2018, and 11:59 p.m. PT 28
February 2018, (8 a.m. GMT 1 February 2018, to 7:59 a.m. GMT 28 February 2018) will receive
1,000 points once they place their first qualifying party order during the incentive period.


If my title changed back to Certified for any reason, then I re-promote to Lead Consultant or above,
will I receive promotion points?
No. Promotion points may only be achieved the first time a new title is achieved.

If I promote to a new title on 10 February 2018, when promotions for January 2018 become official,
will I receive points for that promotion?
No. Points are awarded for activity that occurs during the qualification period. Promotions that become
official 10 February 2018, are based on activity that occurred in January 2018 (before the qualification
period began).

How are monthly paid-at-title points calculated?
To receive monthly paid-at-title points, your rank at the end of the month must be equal to or higher
than your entry title (your title at the beginning of the incentive period). If you joined after 1 February
2018, OR you were an Escential or Certified Consultant on 1 February 2018, you would not have an entry
title because monthly points are awarded for each month you rank at Lead Consultant or above. For all
Consultants who earn monthly paid-at-title points, the amount awarded will be based on the rank you
achieved for that month:

Monthly paid-at-title points are awarded to Lead Consultants and higher every month, following
commission payments.

How are consistency paid-at-title points calculated?
To be eligible for these points, your entry title must have been Lead Consultant or higher as of 1
February 2018. To earn these points, your rank must be equal to or higher than your entry title for five
out of the six months of the incentive qualification period. You will receive 2,500 points if you meet the
criteria. (See below for a definition of “entry title.”)

How will my paid-at-title points work if I’m a Director who moves back to SuperStar Consultant?
If your entry title at the beginning of the qualification period was Director and you get paid at
SuperStar Consultants rank for two or more months of the qualification period, you would not earn
Consistency points.
Director (Q) will be considered a SuperStar Consultant for the purpose of entry title.

To earn the Consistency points, do the five out of six months have to be consecutive for PRV and paidat-title?
No. They don’t have to be consecutive.
How do I earn points from activities other than personal sales?
Points from activities other than personal sales can be earned through personal promotions, being paid
at title, frontline who reach at least 1,000 PRV and achieve Certified Consultant or higher for the first
time during the qualification period, and earning Scentsational Start or helping a Personally Enrolled
Consultant earn Scentsational Start.

How are Scentsational Start points earned?
Points will be based on the earner’s Scentsational Start achievement between midnight PT 1 February
2018, and 11:59 p.m. PT 31 July 2018 (8 a.m. GMT 1 February 2018, to 7:59 a.m. BST 1 August 2018.).
Eligible Consultants are those whose 70th day occurs on or after 1 February 2018, and whose
enrollment date is 31 July 2018, or prior. New Consultants whose 70th day occurs after 31 July 2018, will
be awarded points based on any level of Scentsational Start achieved by 11:59 p.m. PT 31 July 2018
(7:59 a.m. BST 1 August 2018.). For the purpose of this incentive only, Scentsational Start qualifications
stop at 11:59 p.m. PT 31 July 2018, even if the 70th day has not been reached. Level 1 earns 1,000
points, Level 2 earns 2,000 points and Level 3 earns 3,000 points. Sponsors of these Consultants earn
500 points, 1,000 points and 2,000 points, respectively. Please note that no points will be issued for
achievements that occur after 31 July 2018. If any level of Scentsational Start was achieved before
midnight 1 February 2018 (8 a.m. GMT 1 February 2018), during the previous incentive qualification
period, the points you will be awarded for this incentive will be the difference between where you were
on 1 February 2018, and what you achieved by your 70th day.

Can a new Consultant earn the trip?
Yes. Any current Consultant may earn the incentive, as long as they achieve the title of Certified
Consultant or higher at the time of the trip and have achieved enough points to attend.

Can points be transferred from one Consultant to another?
No. Consultants may not share or transfer points.

What are my options if I qualify for the 2019 Scentsy Incentive Trip and am unable to attend?
If you earn Level 1 or 2, you may choose to use your incentive points to attend Scentsy Family Reunion

Credit redemption options:

Can I receive sponsoring points for people who joined before the incentive trip qualification period
started? Yes. For every Personally Enrolled Consultant, rolled-up Consultant, or reinstated Consultant in
your frontline at the time they achieve Certified Consultant for the first time, you will receive 1,000
sponsoring points.

How can I track my progress during the incentive qualification period?
An automated trip tracker will be available on the Home tab of your Workstation starting 1 March, and
will update your points daily. All points are subject to review, and may change until commissions and
audits are finalised each month and at the end of the incentive qualification period.

Can I combine my earning levels to earn a better incentive?
No. The levels do not build on each other. You will receive the award for the highest level you earn; Level
2 earners may choose a level below what they earned.

What is covered in the all-expenses-paid trips?
If you earn an all-expenses-paid trip for one or two people, your vacation package will include:
 Air transportation to and from the incentive destination
 Transportation to and from the hotel (on designated dates only)
 All meals (through a combination of per diem, credits or hosted events); specialty restaurants
 Double occupancy hotel room, including gratuities
 Scentsy parties and events

Can I buy in a guest if I don’t earn enough points to bring someone with me?
Maybe! Scentsy will allow buy-in guests, space permitting. These spaces will be based on a first-come,
first-served basis.

How much is the buy-in cost for a guest?
Final costs for buy-in guests will be posted in September 2018. We will do our best to keep the cost
low to accommodate as many guests as possible.

Who am I allowed to bring to the 2019 Scentsy Incentive Trip as my guest?
Guests can be anyone 18 years or older who is not a Scentsy Consultant.

Can I bring my children on the trip?
This is an adults-only trip, and children will not be allowed to participate; the only exception is nursing
infants 12 months or younger. All expenses incurred by bringing an infant are the earner’s responsibility.

Can I choose Scentsy Family Reunion as my trip?
Yes. You may choose Reunion as your all-expenses-paid trip.

If I earn Level 1 or 2, but would prefer the all-expenses-paid Reunion option, what will be included?
If you choose Reunion instead of an incentive trip, Scentsy will cover your flight, transportation to and
from the venue, accommodations, per diem and Reunion registration fees (including registration for
the 5K fun run, if applicable).

Where can I find more information about the trip location?
Detailed fliers with dates and trip information will be posted for all regions in March 2018.

A Consultant who has at least 200 points in PRV in one month during a consecutive three-month
Rank vs. Title
Promotion points are calculated based on title, not rank. For example, if you achieve the title of Director,
you will keep that title, though your rank (the level at which you are paid each month) may change from
month to month based on your orders. Promoting from Director (Q) back to Director does not qualify for
promotion points.
Entry title
Your entry title is your title (Lead Consultant or above) at the beginning of the incentive qualification
period, 1 February 2018. If Consultants receive title advancements for the January 2018 commission
period (finalised by 10 February 2018) their newly achieved title will be considered their entry title. For
example, a Consultant who promotes from Certified Consultant to Lead Consultant will have an entry
title of Lead Consultant.

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