Scentsy Autumn Winter 2021 Discontinued List

These items will be discontinued for the Autumn/Winter 2021 season. As of 1 August 2021,
they will no longer be available for purchase.

It’s so sad to see all these items being discontinued, some may come back in fture catalogues but most we will never be able to sell again as consultants. It is not all bad news though as next month the month of August we will see the new Scentsy Autumn Winter products being released with our new Scentsy Air Purifier too.

Please have a look at all these items and stock up on your favourites while you can. to make purchasing easier I have listed all our discontinued items here for easy purchase. If you would rather order with us directly than via the website please contact us here.

Scentsy Warmers

Warmer Stands

Wax Bars

Scent Circles

Fragrance Flowers

Scent Paks



Car Bars

Car Bar Clips




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