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Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy With Circus Parade Fragrances (NOW SOLD OUT)

Available Monday 18th March 2019

“D” is for Dumbo and downright darling. Classic and always unique, Dumbo reminds us that what makes you different makes you special. In Heidi’s words from World Tour 2019, “You do you!” our beloved Dumbo will be available starting 18 March 2019 while supplies last. 
Welcome to the greatest scent on Earth! Each Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy comes with our exclusive Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak — delight in sweet clementine, creamy peach, fresh mango and vanilla bean. 
For mere peanuts, you can also get the Dumbo bundle. This includes one Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with a Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak, and one Dumbo: Circus Parade Scentsy Bar. 
Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with a Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak for £42/€51
The Dumbo bundle features the Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with the Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak and a Scentsy Bar for £48/€59

Stitch – Scentsy Buddy and Experiment 626 Bar

Enter our new (and adorable) Stitch – Scentsy Buddy and exclusive fragrance, Stitch: Experiment 626, a tropically inspired blend of Valencia orange, pineapple nectar, sugarcane and sea salt mist.  

  • Stitch – Scentsy Buddy with a preselected Stitch: Experiment 626 Scent Pak for £42/€51 (30 PRV).  
  • A bundle featuring the Stitch – Scentsy Buddy (including his Scent Pak) and a Stitch: Experiment 626 Scentsy Wax Bar for £48/€59 (35 PRV) — a £2/€1.50 savings!

Olaf – Scentsy Buddy Is Our Latest Edition To The Scentsy Disney Collection Available From 5 pm Dec 3rd 2018

I’m SO excited to announce Scentsy’s new collection featuring your favourite Disney Characters! Starting Sept. 1, the full lineup will be available to shop in our new Fall/Winter 2018 Catalogue, so be sure to let me know if you’re interested in any of these magical new Disney products!

Olaf – Scentsy Buddy

I’m so excited to announce our brand new Olaf – Scentsy Buddy that will be available from 5 pm GMT tonight 3rd December 208

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger – Scentsy Buddies

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger – Scentsy Buddies are here for a limited time! Order yours today, and shop the entire Disney Collection in Scentsy’s new Catalog starting Sept. 1.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – Scentsy Buddies

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are your forever friends! Bring home both the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – Scentsy Buddies as part of The Disney Collection starting Sept. 1!

Minnie Mouse – Scentsy Buddy

Our Minnie Mouse – Scentsy Buddy arrives Sept. 1 as part of The Disney Collection, complete with her very own Scentsy fragrance, Love & Kisses, Minnie!

Mickey Mouse – Scentsy Buddy

Our Mickey Mouse – Scentsy Buddy arrives Sept. 1 as part of The Disney Collection, complete with his very own Scentsy fragrance, Your Pal, Mickey!

Hundred Acre Wood – Scentsy Sidekicks

Our Winnie the Pooh – Scentsy Sidekick is the perfect pal for any little one! Shop all four of your favourite Winnie the Pooh characters in The Disney Collection starting Sept. 1.

Nemo and Dory – Buddy Clips

Your favourite underwater friends arrive Sept. 1! Shop Nemo and Dory Buddy Clips in our exclusive Just Keep Swimming Scentsy fragrance as part of The Disney Collection!

Disney Princess Wax Bars

Share a little Scentsy magic with your favourite Disney Princess! Bring home our four new Disney Princess fragrances as part of the Disney Collection!

Disney Princess Scent Circles

Take your favourite Disney Princess with you! Our four new Disney Princess Scentsy fragrances come in Scent Circles so they’re perfect for on the go. Available Sept. 1 as part of The Disney Collection!

You heard right! New from Scentsy, The Disney Collection is here! Contact me to shop the products today

Reason to celebrate! Host a Scentsy party today (and share!) The Disney Collection. Start selling The Disney Collection! Host a party and get your kit today!

Olaf – Scentsy Buddy

I’m so excited to announce our brand new Olaf – Scentsy Buddy is arriving Monday 3rd December at 5 pm GMT.

This information was a leaked by Scentsy CEO’s Heidi & Orville Thompson on this live video on Facebook:-

Please note the bar “Scentsy Warm Hugs” mentioned in the Facebook video above will not be available tonight at for European customers but will be available at a later date.

Love & Kisses, Minnie – Scentsy Bar

The sweetest girl is the one you never forget. And this fragrance, bursting with bright red berries, fresh apricot and creamy vanilla, captures her everlasting charm. 

Mickey Mouse & Friends – Scentsy Bar

Celebrate everlasting friendship with a fragrance almost as sweet thanks to GEORGIA PEACH accented by pops of ORANGE PEEL and VANILLA.

Your Pal, Mickey – Scentsy Bar

A forever friend deserves a fitting fragrance, and this sweet-but-dapper celebration of green apple, orange blossom and fresh spring air is the perfect tribute.

Hundred Acre Wood – Scentsy Bar

Grab your favorite hand and wander through a friendly forest swirling with cotton blossoms, wild jasmine and sweet, cozy vanilla.

Ariel: Under the Sea – Scentsy Bar

True love awaits, so give chase and follow your heart across oceans of emerald water, crisp green apple and blue hibiscus. 

Belle: Enchanted Rose – Scentsy Bar

Write your own chapter! Rose petals, passion fruit and sandalwood offer endless inspiration to those who dare to dream.

Cinderella: Happily Ever After – Scentsy Bar

Find your fairy tale — complete with storybook ending! — in a sweet, subtly romantic bouquet of gardenia, forget-me-not and frosted lemon.

Mulan: True to Your Heart – Scentsy Bar

Believe it, do it! Bring this brave heart to life and find your own brand of courage in plum blossom, white tea and redwood. 

Twitterpated – Scentsy Bar

Spring is in the air, and it’s waiting to sweep you off your feet in a swirl of SUN-KISSED MEYER LEMON, MORNING DEW DROPS and lush WILD MOSS.

Just Keep Swimming – Scentsy Bar

When adventure calls, make it an experience to remember as blue ocean mist, cucumber water and salted driftwood cheer you on. 

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