What is Scentsy

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy is a fragrance company whose core products are its warmers and wax bars.

Scentsy was the original company to introduce warmers and Scentsy wax and has a unique benefit to other warmer and wax companies and that is the low wax melting point that Scentsy holds the patent for. With this patented technology, Scentsy can have a much higher scent loading capability and with the scent being released at a lower temperature the fragrance will be stronger and last for longer.

The main benefits of this low temperature are that the wax will never be released into the air as it’s just the fragrance that is released, the actual wax will remain and not be released into the air unlike other brands and of course Scented Candles.

Scentsy has branched out into other products as you can see in the above below.

These range from soft cuddly Scentsy buddies to market leading award-winning diffusers.

Scentsy products also come with a lifetime guarantee so you have complete peace of mind when purchasing.

Scentsy is a safe wickless candle system that uses a heating element, rather than a flame, to gently warm scented wax. Our electric scented wax warmers offer a safe and family-friendly alternative to traditional scented candles and t-light burners.

What is Scentsy
Scentsy Is Fun

Scentsy is a fun company to be a part of,  Scentsy is more than just warmers & wax!

Scentsy is a fun business opportunity.

Scentsy Bench

Scentsy started on a bench back in 2004

Orville met Colette Gunnell, Scentsy’s co-founder, on a park bench at a home show back in 2004. They got to talking and, as they say, the rest is history!

Scentsy has rapidly become a multi million dollar company with over 160,000 consultants worldwide and expanded to the UK in April 2011.

Heidi and Orville Thompson launched Scentsy as a party-plan company against all odds. They stored the first batch of warmers and wax in a 40-foot shipping container on the family farm. Without much money to get the business off the ground, they decided to bootstrap, doing whatever they could with whatever they had. Luckily, their family, friends and our earliest Consultants believed in Scentsy, just as they did. And it grew.

So what is Scentsy? Scentsy is a safe wickless candle system that uses a heating element, rather than a flame, to gently warm scented wax. Our electric scented wax warmers offer a safe and family friendly alternative to traditional scented candles and t-light burners. With Scentsy you will not have to think ” did I blow the candle out?”.

The Scentsy Story

Scentsy began with a simple idea — a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles — and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world. This wickless concept is simply decorative ceramic warmers designed to melt scented wax with a heating element instead of a traditional wick and flame.

Entrepreneurs Heidi and Orville Thompson encountered the product line at a home show in early 2004, purchased the tiny company and moved Scentsy to Meridian, Idaho, USA, where the company’s first home office was a 40-foot ocean shipping container on a small sheep farm. The Thompsons were inspired by how fragrance brings powerful emotions and memories to the surface — without the safety risks of a burning candle — and launched Scentsy as a party-plan company that same year.

Scentsy joined the U.S. A. Direct Selling Association (DSA) in 2004 and enrolled its first Independent Consultant. Since then, the company has expanded operations, hired a strong executive team, extended its product line, innovated around the Scentsy business opportunity, and received numerous awards for its growth and ethical business practices. Scentsy was named the number one consumer products company on the 2010 Inc. 500 list, ranked among the top 100 on the 2011 Inc. 500 list, appeared in the 2010 Direct Selling News Global 100 list of top direct selling companies, and received the DSA’s 2010 and 2011 Success Awards and the DSA’s 2009 Rising Star Award.

In less than eight years, Scentsy has generated more than $1 billion (USD) in revenue. Today, the company’s family of passionate Independent Scentsy Consultants shares the Scentsy experience and the Scentsy difference throughout North America and Europe.

What are Scentsy Wax Bars Made From?

Scentsy Bar Being Produced

A Scentsy Bar is a small block of fragrant wax that comes in eight break-apart sections. Using a high-quality, custom paraffin wax blend selected for its superior scent loading capability; melting point and firmness, Scentsy Bars produce some of the most vibrant fragrances possible. Scentsy manufactures all wax products at its headquarters in Meridian, Idaho.

Scentsy uses both synthetic and naturally derived fragrance oils to achieve the highest quality and longest-lasting candle bar. Scentsy chooses to use synthetic oils for several reasons including the following: -When using natural oils results in unrestrained use of limited or endangered natural resources. -When it isn’t possible to derive the natural oils from nature. For example, synthetic oil is necessary to reproduce muget (aka Lilly of the Valley) because fragrance can’t be extracted from this flower through typical extraction – methods. -When it is cost prohibitive to acquire natural oils and would preclude Scentsy from offering particular fragrances without increasing the price for customers.

Scentsy Bars do not contain or release harmful phthalates. However, a small percentage of Scentsy Bar fragrances contain extremely low levels of non-harmful diethyl phthalate (DEP) which is commonly used in fragrances to help blend ingredients and to make fragrances last longer. DEP is thoroughly tested and is consistently regarded as safe for use in fragrance by several government bodies including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP). Scentsy follows all safety standards regulating the use of DEP set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). DEP has a reputation for creating suspicious byproducts when burned, but because Scentsy Bars are melted, not burned, the combustion that causes such byproducts doesn’t occur.

How Do I Use Scentsy Wax?

Scentsy wax is designed to be used in our electric wax warmers and it is super simple to use!

One of our core values is simplicity and our products 100% follow that ethos.

  1.  Choose which Scentsy warmer would look perfect in your home.  We have so many different styles, some light up, some are light-free and we have something to suit all budgets.
  2. Plug your warmer in, whether it is using a lead or one of our mini plugin warmers which go straight into the plug socket.  Those warmers with leads should be placed on a heat resistant surface, or you can choose from one of our warmer stands.
  3. Next, is the time to pick your Scentsy wax melt.  Each wax bar contains 8 cubes and they break off easily.  I personally recommend customers start with 2 cubes.  However, you can use more if you follow Scentsy’s optimal fragrance recommendation which I will discuss further below in this blog.
  4. Turn on the warmer (our new style warmers have a switch on the lead, but some may still have the switch at the back of the warmer).  Our Plugin Mini Warmers have a switch at the front of the base fitting.
  5. Sit back and enjoy!!

What Is The Number On The Scentsy Dish?

You may have noticed that the dishes on your Scentsy warmer have a number on them.  So what does this number mean?

Scentsy introduced this number to clear up confusion and mixed advice on how many cubes you should put in your dishes.  The number they recommend on each dish (they vary from warmer to warmer) is intended to give its user the optimum fragrance experience for that warmer.

However, you can adjust it and use as few or as many cubes as you want (dish space permitting) to suit your personal preference.

I hope this helps explain just how simple and easy our Scentsy wax is to use.  However, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

What are Scentsy Warmers?

Scentsy’s electric scented wax warmers offer a flame free alternative to traditional scented candles and tart burners. In Europe our warmers use a heating element rather than a light bulb to gently warm the wax. Once melted the wax only reaches just above body temperature. As we only warm and do not burn our wax no soot, smoke or toxins are released, only beautiful fragrances.

Our warmers are a two piece (occasionally three) handcrafted ornament. The removable dish makes it easier to dispose of the used wax. Each warmer features an on/off switch on the back with a detachable cord. Every warmer contains LEDs inside to offer a lighting effect.

How can I buy Scentsy?

Scentsy can only be purchased from Independent Scentsy Consultants. Scentsy products cannot be purchased from the high street or online retail venues such as eBay (please note should you purchase a Scentsy warmer from anywhere other than a consultant it will not carry a 3 year guarantee). If you are interested in buying Scentsy, you are welcome to email me at sales@thecandleboutique.co.uk or telephone me on 07841 199078 or alternatively directly through this website.

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