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Scentsy Scentsational Start Programme 2017

The New Scentsy Scentsational Start Programme

The brand new shiny Scentsy Scentsational Start programme was launched on the 1 March 2017 and it is better than ever before!

To qualify for the new programme, you need to have joined Scentsy on or after the 1 March 2017, anyone who joined before this time will qualify for the previous programme.

How Do I Earn The Scentsy Scentsational Start Rewards?

To achieve all levels, you need to complete the “First Things First Checklist” which can be found on the home page of your workstation.  This list takes gives you a breakdown of easy steps to launch your business:-

Tour The Workstation
We want to show you how to ace this whole Scentsy business thing.

Start With A Goal
Why did you join Scentsy? Let us help you figure out your goal and help you get there. Print your goal setting form and begin working on your goals now!

Customise Your Personal Website (PWS)
You need a Personal Website (PWS) to sell Scentsy products online and sponsor new Consultants. Your subscription is free for the first three months!

Link Your Social Accounts
Link your social media accounts to your workstation so you can share fun images from the marketing tab with your friends and followers! This function also allows us to include links to your social media accounts on any automatically generated email — such as an order confirmation — to your customers. This means customers who order from your PWS can simply click the link to connect with you. Linking your accounts also lets you start a party and post it right from the Workstation to your Scentsy Consultant Facebook account!

Create your Launch Party
This is the grand opening of your business! It’s your opportunity to connect with customers and hosts to schedule more parties where you’ll share the products and business opportunity. Be sure to schedule it within your first 10 days.

Announce Your Business
It’s time to tell everyone you’re a Scentsy Consultant! Announce to your friends and family that you have just started a business with Scentsy and give a testimonial on why you joined. Let them know how excited you are to get started. This is a good way to create interest and generate potential leads right out of the gate.

Connect with your Sponsor
Reach out to your Sponsor to share what you’re most excited about, where you need help and your goals for your Scentsy business.

Visit the Training Centre
Start learning everything you can. There’s a whole section in the Scentsy Training Center just for new Consultants like you.

Learn About Your Pay
So you closed your first order? What did you earn? Click here to learn more about your commissions. Wondering how you get paid?  Visit the Payportal in your workstation.

Join the New Consultant Webinar
Join us live for the new consultant webinar, where you’ll gain valuable tips and tricks to get your business off to a great start! Scentsy will send you an email with everything you need to know to join us live.

Scentsational Start Level One

To achieve level one you need to:-

  • 1,500 PRV


  • 500 PRV and one Personally Enrolled Consultant (PEC) who reaches 200 PRV in sales*

Scentsational Start Level Two

To achieve level one you need to:-

  • 3,000 PRV


  • 1,500 PRV and one Personally Enrolled Consultant (PEC) who reaches 200 PRV in sales*

Scentsational Start Level Three

To achieve level one you need to:-

  • 6,000 PRV


  • 3,000 PRV and two Personally Enrolled Consultants (PEC) who reach 200 PRV in sales

scentsy scentsational start programme

What Are The Scentsational Start Level Rewards?

Scentsational Start Level One

  • £50.50/€59.50 product credit‡
  • Scentsational Start lapel pin
  • Certificate of Achievement

Scentsational Start Level Two

  • £126.25/€148.75 product credit‡
  • Scentsational Start Level 1 and 2 lapel pins
  • Certificates of Achievement for Level 1 and 2
  • Exclusive Scentsational Start Warmer

Scentsational Start Level Three

  • £227.25/€267.75 product credit‡
  • Scentsational Start Level 1, 2 and 3 lapel pins
  • Certificates of Achievement for Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Exclusive Scentsational Start Warmer
  • Trophy
  • Recognition on the News tab and at Scentsy Family Reunion

The Exclusive Scentsational Start Warmer

How beautiful is this warmer?  If you earn the Scentsy Scentsational Start Level Two or Three Reward, then Scentsy will send you this exclusive warmer FREE!  This warmer cannot be purchased and can only be earned by achieving one of these rewards.

If you are thinking of joining Scentsy, these are amazing rewards you can work towards, you are rewarded by Scentsy and will also have the foundations of an amazing business!

If you would like a free, no obligation information pack please click here.

If you are ready to start your Scentsy business and would like me to support you, then I would love to be your sponsor.  The link to joining my team is here.

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