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Finding the Perfect Scentsy Warmer to Fit Your Style

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Let’s face it, everyone has completely different ideas of what makes a home warm and welcoming, life would be very boring indeed if we all liked the same things!

I can  personally vouch for this.  When we moved into our house in April 2011, we hadn’t fully appreciated the interior design choices by the previous owners.  We knew we had to completely decorate the house from top to bottom, but hadn’t quite taken into account the colours we would have to live with until the time came to decorate.  We are very good at looking at houses from the potential point of view.

Anyway, the living room was a bright cerise pink and nearly every other room was a shade of blue (they were avid Sheffield Wednesday fans!).  Now I understand that this probably appeals to a lot of people, for us it was something we struggled to cope with for a while!!

So, how does this relate to Scentsy?  Well Scentsy fully appreciates that everyone does have completely different  tastes and styles so have created a large range of warmers to accommodate nearly every style imaginable.  Over 60 in total in the current catalogue.

If you have a place in mind where you would like a warmer, but just don’t know which one to choose, please email a photo of your room to sales@thecandleboutique.co.uk and I will email some suggestions 🙂

If you would like to view our full range of warmers, please visit http://www.thecandleboutique.co.uk/buy-scentsy-uk.html







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