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The Scentsy Crystal Wax Collection

Five new Crystal Wax Scentsy Bar fragrances inspired by the positive attributes of crystals, one of today’s most popular trends!

Through the liveliness and allure of these exclusive fragrances and even the vivid colours of our wax, the Crystal Wax Collection expresses in scent what we all desire in our world — to experience the good, the uplifting, the positive. What better time for optimism than now?

There are three options for purchasing the Crystal Wax Collection fragrances:

  1. Crystal Wax Collection
    Includes all five fragrances. Comes in an organza gift bag with a decorative hang tag while supplies last.
  2. Crystal Wax Collection Bundle
    Mix and match any of the five fragrances. Gift bag not included.
  3. Individual Crystal Wax Collection Bars
    This collection is available while supplies last.

Rose Quartz Scentsy Bar

Rose Quartz the crystal is known for encouraging unconditional love, inner peace and more. Rose Quartz the fragrance reflects this in a union of coconut cream, Moroccan rose and sandalwood.

Lapis Lazuli Scentsy Bar

Lapis Lazuli the crystal is thought to impart truth, honesty, healing and more. Lapis Lazuli the fragrance expresses this in sea salt air, California lemon and beach lily.

Green Calcite Scentsy Bar

Green Calcite the crystal is believed by some to encourage emotional balance, self-acceptance and more. Green Calcite the fragrance mirrors this in a blend of bergamot, jasmine and white woods.

Citrine Scentsy Bar

Citrine the crystal is thought by many to promote positivity, bestow self-confidence and more. Citrine the fragrance reflects this in a stirring mix of sweet orange, pineapple nectar and vanilla.

Amethyst Scentsy Bar

Amethyst the crystal is believed by some to subdue negative thoughts, calm, protect and more. Amethyst the fragrance expresses this in a lovely blend of lavender petals, chamomile and tonka bean.

Check out this What Crystal Are You? Quiz (below), a fun way for you to learn which crystal reflects your personality the best! Let me know what your results are below! Plus, check out this “Behind the Scenes” video  (below) on how Scentsy translated the crystals trend into five new limited-edition fragrances.


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