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Disney The Lion King

Licensed Disney

Look out! The newest Disney Scentsy Buddy is taking the spotlight.

Our Simba – Scentsy Buddy is ready to rule your kingdom and make your business roar. And what would this iconic lion cub be without his two very best friends? Soon to be joining Simba in The Disney Collection are adorable Timon and Pumbaa – Buddy Clips!

You can purchase the Simba – Scentsy Buddy before The Lion King hits theaters, he will be available starting 10 July. Unfortunately, the Timon and Pumbaa – Buddy Clips won’t be in stock by then, so they will become available 15 July.

The Simba – Scentsy Buddy comes with a preselected Scent Pak in Circle of Life, the fragrance created especially for our Lion King products. The Timon and Pumbaa – Buddy Clips, which are sold as a set, are scented in the same fragrance. Or you can buy a bundle that also includes a Scentsy Bar in Circle of Life.

We bet you just can’t wait until you experience the amazing fragrance that will transport you to the Pride Lands:

Circle of Life: As the sun rises on a new day, golden amber drifts over sandalwood, and a hint of vanilla mirrors the delicate balance of life.

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