Scentsy Energy Usage 2022

Scentsy Energy Usage For 2022

With the ongoing energy crisis around the world we are getting asked how much do our Scentsy warmers cost to run.

I have created this simple excel table below for you to get an idea on how much it costs to run a Scentsy warmer throughout the day.

Some typical usage

  • A single 15w watt mini warmer on for 6 hours every day for a whole year will cost you approximately £9.30 per year. (Light user)
  • Two warmers (x1 20w x1 40w) on for 8 hours every day for a whole year will cost you approximatly £49.65 per year. (Average user)

The green cells in the excel formular are the ones you can edit. If your energy unit rate is less that the UK average of 28.35p that is the default vaule you can emend that too. The default value of 28.34p per KWh is the avarage for the UK for the 1 April 2022 source (

Average price-capped rates

 New price cap
(from 1 April)
Previous price cap 
(until 31 March)
Gas Unit rate: 7.37p per kWh

Standing charge: 27.22p per day
Unit rate: 4.07p per kWh

Standing charge: 26.12p per day
ElectricityUnit rate: 28.34p per kWh

Standing charge: 45.34p per day
Unit rate: 20.8p per kWh

Standing charge: 24.88p per day
Rates and standing charges are averages, which vary by region. Assumes payment via direct debit.

Scentsy UK Energy Guide

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