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One of my favourites!

Apr 27, 2016 by Daria

I'm so in love with this one! It's a nice light sweet smell, love the combination of all the fruit smells in it! xx...
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I love it!

Apr 27, 2016 by Daria

This smells so yummy! It's such a lovely, relaxing and sweet smell! I love it!...
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Spring in a bar.

Apr 18, 2016 by Nichola

This wax really does have the scent of spring in a bar, once it's warming the smell really does make your whole room smell like a sunny day. You can smell the floral scents really strong throughout ...
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Fruity and fresh

Apr 18, 2016 by Nichola

I warmed this wax in my bedroom and it made the full room smell fresh and fruity, I really liked. The scent lasted for a long time and even when the warmers was turned off I could still smell it next ...
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Apr 16, 2016 by Gemma

Love this one, similar to 'give me passionflower' which I love, fruity and exotic - I was worried the yuzu would be too citrusy for me but it all smells great together. Very strong so I find lasts ...
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Strong & fruity!!

Apr 16, 2016 by Gemma

Very fruity and sweet and really fills the air with scent. A bit too strong for us with a slight hunt of the smell of calpol?? Lol x...
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Apr 16, 2016 by Gemma

On smelling the cold wax, I really didn't think I'd like this one but it's now going on my 'want' list!! It's beautiful, so fresh and floral without being overpowering!...
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White Jasmine & Vetiver Scentsy Bar Review

White Jasmine & Vetiver Scentsy Bar Review

white jasmine and vetiver












Exotic, dreamy white jasmine and sweet lilac enfold a heart of woody vetiver.

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White Jasmine & Vetiver Scentsy Bar Exotic, dreamy white jasmine and sweet lilac enfold a heart of woody vetiver. SKU UPC Model

Lovely and Relaxing

Apr 16, 2015 by Daria

Very nice light smell of jasmine which makes it amazing and not too strong :) very relaxing xx

Feb 16, 2015 by Josette Marsh

It has a delicate floral smell. My home smelled very fresh and clean.Would recommend it for small areas. I am not a floral fan but didn't mind this one. Would definately recommend it to those who prefer floral scents.

A more delicate scent

Feb 15, 2015 by Tracy Delaney

This scent is more delicate than some and not overpowering at all. It is a floral scent which you would expect from Jasmine and Lilac. I am not sure what Vetiver smells like but to me it seems slightly lemon or citrus smelling. It is a pleasant combination and is a bit more zingy than a plain floral fragrance. I like this one and have only taken one star off as I prefer the less flowery bars, but I am sure most people would rate this a 5 star.

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